has released the Bitcoin Developer Guide, a list of detailed information about the bitcoin protocol and related specifications.

The guide provides basic information about bitcoin as well as the steps and resources needed to start building bitcoin-based applications. The guide spans bitcoin-related development topics such as block chains, block height and forking, transactions and transaction data, consensus rule changes, scripts and script validations, and more.

The Bitcoin Developer Guide is available here.

Plumbr debuts locked thread detection feature
Java app monitoring software Plumbr has made its new locked thread detection tool publicly available.

Plumbr product manager Ivo Mägi made the announcement in a blog post, explaining that locked thread detection enables applications to communicate to end users the severity and root cause of an application lock while detecting how long the lock lasted. It can also determine recurring issues to improve detection and monitoring of Java Virtual Machines.

JetBrains release Kotlin M10
JetBrains has released version M10 of its Kotlin programming language targeting the JVM and JavaScript.

Kotlin M10 adds language enhancements like new type parameters for inline functions, checks for declaration-site variance, and type interference support for use-site variance. The latest release also adds features such as dynamic JavaScript support, new JavaScript annotations, and a breaking change to the kotlin.js runtime.

More information on all the new features in Kotlin M10 is available here.