So, you want to make a native wrapper for Google Maps (or any Web page)?

Here you go: $nativefier

“You’re done,” wrote the creator of Nativefier, this week’s GitHub project of the week.

According to Jia Hao, a computer science student at the Singapore University of Technology and Design and creator of Nativefier, said that Nativefier was started because “I was tired of having to ⌘-tab or alt-tab to my browser and then search through the numerous open tabs when I was using Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp Web.”

Nativefier creates a desktop application for any single-page Web application by wrapping it in an OS executable (.app, .exe, etc.), and they are packaged with Electron by running a simple command. It allows for wrapping any Web page natively “without even thinking, across Windows, OS X and Linus,” wrote Hao.

Nativefier will also intelligently attempt to determine the app name, the OS and processor architecture, among other options.

A further introduction to Nativefier and its usage is available on GitHub.

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