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W3C releases new guidelines for web sustainability

The Sustainable Web Design Community Group of W3C has released a draft Community Group Report on Sustainable Web Design. The Web Sustainability Guidelines (WSG) 1.0 offer best practices for designing digital products and services with a focus on environmental and user considerations.  These guidelines are based on evidence-based research and target various stakeholders, including end-users, … continue reading

Why the web framework hype train is always moving

JavaScript frameworks are a useful tool for developers because they help developers be more efficient by eliminating the need to rewrite boilerplate code for a new app or download individual libraries.  Mozilla describes them as follows in one of its documentation pages: “A framework is a library that offers opinions about how software gets built. … continue reading

SD Times Open-Source Project of the Week: Cloudscape

Amazon announced it is open sourcing the Cloudscape Design System, which is a solution for building web applications.  Cloudscape consists of a set of guidelines to create web applications, along with the design resources and front-end components to streamline implementation. AWS created it in 2016 to improve the user experience across AWS web applications and … continue reading

Topcoder announces its 2020 innovation award winners

The crowdsourcing company Topcoder announced the winners of its 2020 innovation awards, which were designed to recognize customers and individuals who did exceptional work on the Topcoder platform and within the community. The awards spanned six categories: cutting edge, enterprise resiliency, power user, public sector, program of the year, and the Wipro partnership award.  And … continue reading

SD Times news digest: Infragistics updates Ignite UI for React and web components, GrapeCity .NET product line, and UiPath Automation Platform

Infragistics announced the release of Ignite UI for React, and Ignite UI for web components. The new releases   include new features to the Ignite UI Data Grid and one new preview component. The component includes cell editing in the data grid, which enables the user to edit the data presented to them in a web … continue reading

Inrupt launches Enterprise Solid Server to restore trust in data

Inrupt, the startup co-founded by world wide web inventor Tim Berners-Lee, announced that it is releasing the first enterprise-ready version of a Solid Server – Inrupt ESS, to fundamentally change how organizations connect people with their data and create value together.  Solid is a proposed set of conventions and tools for building decentralized social applications … continue reading

SD Times Open-Source Project of the Week: Bullet Train

This week’s featured open-source project is Bullet Train, which enables developers to manage feature flags across web, mobile, and server side applications.  The application consists of three components: the Server-Side REST API, the Front End Administration Web Interface, and Client Libraries.  The Server Side API is written in Python and is based on Django and … continue reading

Progress announces latest release of Telerik, Kendo UI and Telerik UI for Blazor

Progress has announced its R3 2020 release, which includes a new lineup of developer tools including Progress Telerik UI for Blazor and Progress Kendo UI. Progress Telerik UI now includes the most anticipated Grid features such as Column Menu, Custom Filtering, Multi-column Sorting, Search Box, and Footer Template for Aggregates. In addition, Progress now enables … continue reading

SD Times news digest: Go 1.15 released, Mozilla announces restructuring, and Progress Test Studio updates

The new Go 1.15 release includes substantial improvements to the Go linker, improved allocation for small objects at high core counts, X.509 CommonName deprecation, and more.  The key contributors to better linker performance are a newly redesigned object file format, and a revamping of internal phases to increase concurrency. GOPROXY supports skipping proxies that return … continue reading

SD Times news digest: Sumo Logic announces observability solutions, Flutter 1.2 released and in-app review API for Google Play

Sumo Logic released the Sumo Logic AWS Observability Solution and the Sumo Logic Software Development Observability Solution to deepen observability across operations, security, business, and customer experiences power by continuous intelligence.  “Observability is the latest evolutionary step in methodology that DevOps and DevSecOps teams employ to deliver reliable digital services that, in turn, deliver best-in-class … continue reading

SD Times news digest: GitHub Actions improvements, Django 3.1 released, and Flutter’s web support

GitHub Actions shipped a series of features designed to improve workflows when working with PRs from repository forks.  Because all pull request workflows raised from repository forks have a read-only token and no access to secrets, common workflows like labeling or commenting have become difficult, according to GitHub.  That’s why the company created a new … continue reading

Adobe reminds users Flash end of life is coming up

Adobe is reminding users that it will stop distributing and updating Flash Player after December 31, 2020.  Once the go-to choice for building web applications, Flash began to show its age during the inception of smartphone development – starting with the release of the iPhone in 2007 which did not support the technology.  In 2017, … continue reading

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