Amazon announced it is open sourcing the Cloudscape Design System, which is a solution for building web applications. 

Cloudscape consists of a set of guidelines to create web applications, along with the design resources and front-end components to streamline implementation.

AWS created it in 2016 to improve the user experience across AWS web applications and has used it in the AWS Management Console. 

“We are releasing Cloudscape as open source so that anyone building cloud products can benefit from our design system, and also join a community of designers and developers who continually improve it. Whether you’re building a product that extends the AWS Management Console, designing a user interface for a hybrid cloud management system, or setting up an on-premises solution that uses AWS, Cloudscape offers a solid base of 60+ components, 30+ pattern guidelines, and 20+ demos to make your work easier,” AWS wrote in a post

Cloudscape supports a number of visual modes, enables accessibility, facilitates responsive design, and offers broad browser coverage. This means that services that are build using the tool are designed for all customers, regardless of browser, screen size, or ability, Amazon explained.

Designers can use the available visual foundation, UX guidelines, and Figma resources to reduce the time needed to get from project start to wireframe and prototype. 

According to Amazon, developers can quickly integrate to the system and just start developing. In addition, they can utilize React components to quickly create high-quality interfaces.