With developers embracing HTML5 at a growing rate, tools are being fitted to this soon-to-be standard for creating Web applications.

The appMobi jQ.Mobi open-source framework is now available for developers to create mobile applications. It is a mobile-optimized, HTML5 rewrite of the jQuery framework. It is, according to appMobi, 2.5X faster than the desktop version, much smaller (at 3KB), and has been optimized to specifically deliver a high-quality user experience that is identical on Android and iOS devices.

“With jQ.Mobi, we’ve given the mobile development world an HTML5-ready jQuery,” said Sam Abadir, appMobi’s CTO and founder. “The truth is, the single biggest issue facing mobile HTML5 developers is the lack of good user interfaces. There is nothing more critical to the success of mobile HTML5 in general.

“Apple set the bar high with its Cocoa Touch mobile interface, and until now, similar quality UX tools haven’t existed for Web-based mobile developers, and that is why we’ve put this project into play. We’ve started this project with high expectations, focused around delivering speed, size advantages and cross-platform uniformity, and we look forward to seeing where the open-source development community takes it from here.”

jQ.Mobi is available under the MIT/X11 license and is currently in a short beta period. Developers can visit www.jqmobi.com to view additional information and download the framework.