TROY, N.Y.–Apprenda, the leader in enterprise Platform as a Service (PaaS), announced today that it has greatly expanded its Java capabilities with support for JBoss, Tomcat 7 and JMX in its new milestone 5.5 release. This substantial update positions Apprenda as the PaaS of choice for the largest businesses in the world.

Enterprise developers want a single pane of glass for .NET and Java application servers to speed up their time to market for applications. More than eighty-five percent of enterprise applications will be developed in .NET and Java for the foreseeable future, and Apprenda has provided developers with deep .NET and Java support for years. And now, Apprenda is the only private PaaS with first-class enterprise support for JBoss and pure Tomcat Java servers.

“Our expanded Tomcat and new JBoss support extends Apprenda’s reach and value among enterprise application developers,” said Rakesh Malhotra, VP of Products at Apprenda. “This isn’t a plug-in with lowest common denominator functionality. It’s native, deep integration designed and tested to take advantage of built-in performance, diagnostic and security features available within these platforms.”

Apprenda is pivotal for the enterprise, and its PaaS is supporting a rapidly growing market. According to top Gartner cloud analyst Lydia Leong, “Customers will build private PaaS far more than they’ll build private IaaS going forward.” And according to a recent survey by Progress Software of 700 enterprise IT decision-makers, 43% of enterprises are already using PaaS, and 77% plan to invest in PaaS in 2014.

The release of 5.5 continues Apprenda’s momentum this year, following the launch of its OneCloud Alliance in August. The OneCloud Alliance is partner program that brings together top cloud providers to deliver portable and interoperable solutions without vendor lock-in. Key partners include Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, Oracle, HP, Atos, Citrix, NetApp, BlueMetal Architects and CloudMine.

“We believe the capabilities that Apprenda brings to the market will accelerate our customers’ ability to consume our current and future cloud offerings by abstracting the way their applications view and consume infrastructure,” said Michael Kollar, Chief Technology Officer of Global Cloud Services at Atos. “Apprenda breaks the traditional paradigm of how applications are hardwired to their supporting infrastructure and software stacks.”

Apprenda 5.5 Features Include:

• Red Hat JBoss: Customers demand a single pane of glass for Java and .NET. Applications configured to deploy on JBoss may also take advantage of the full range of Apprenda benefits, including the API.

• Tomcat 7: Tomcat has the largest market penetration of all application servers. Apprenda is the first enterprise PaaS to offer Tomcat 7 support without additional purchases or proprietary extensions.

• JMX: Operations can now empower developers to monitor Java Web application instances using Java Management Extensions JMX.

• Windows 8: Apprenda 5.5 can be deployed on a single-node of Windows 8 without compromising OS or platform features. The ultra-compact installation of Apprenda allows for off-network development.

• Windows Azure Pack (WAP) Integration: Organizations looking for an enterprise PaaS for all custom Java and .NET applications can now fuel Apprenda with virtual machines through WAP. Hybrid users can now easily migrate both Java and .NET applications to public clouds like Azure.