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The ongoing evolution of Azure

A number of factors have come together to form a guide for Microsoft to the path that has made Azure the key to the company’s future success. That road has been bumpy, but almost always on a good trajectory. Now, as the offerings gel and mature, Microsoft has to maintain its commitments and satisfy those … continue reading

SD Times news digest: November 3, 2014—Mozilla’s developer browser, Windows 8 market share climbs, and the APItools Middleware Contest

Mozilla is creating a developer-dedicated browser. In a vague announcement on The Mozilla Blog, the company teased how it has unleashed the developer tools team on the entire browser to “rethink how Firefox can debug the whole Web.” “We’ve redesigned the browser by looking at it through a completely new filter to put developers’ interests … continue reading

From the Editors: Windows just part of Microsoft’s picture — but it’s a big part

Microsoft has weathered the storm of Windows 8 criticism for more than two years, amid a tectonic shift away from desktop computing. Windows 10 is the company’s life raft, or at least that’s what it’s perceived to be. The truth is, as important as Windows 10 is to Microsoft’s future, the company’s flagship product is … continue reading

Apprenda Takes a Leap Forward with JBoss Support and More in Milestone 5.5 Release

TROY, N.Y.–Apprenda, the leader in enterprise Platform as a Service (PaaS), announced today that it has greatly expanded its Java capabilities with support for JBoss, Tomcat 7 and JMX in its new milestone 5.5 release. This substantial update positions Apprenda as the PaaS of choice for the largest businesses in the world. Enterprise developers want … continue reading

Microsoft unveils Windows 10

Microsoft has announced its next-generation operating system for all devices: Windows 10. Windows chief Terry Myerson walked onstage at Microsoft’s press event this afternoon and announced a curveball: The new operating system is skipping over 9 and moving straight to 10, and the Microsoft community is getting wider preview access than ever before with the … continue reading

From the Editors: Windows’ identity crisis

Microsoft’s vacillating between mobile and desktop is what cost Windows 8 any chance of success … continue reading

Can Microsoft rescue Windows?

How will Microsoft fix the current incarnation, and will it learn its lessons as it creates the next one? … continue reading

Mozilla halts development of Firefox for Windows 8

Due to “flat adoption,” Mozilla is choosing not to ship Firefox 1.0 for Windows 8 “Metro” Modern UI … continue reading

Making a better user experience for Windows 8

The developer has no shortage of tools for making their apps look good … continue reading

Cryptzone extends support for latest Microsoft software technologies in its Simple Encryption Platform modules

New version of its SEP client delivers improved support to Microsoft SharePoint 2013, Outlook 2013 and Windows 8 … continue reading

SD Times Blog: The price of being the 800-pound gorilla

Apple should embrace its dominant role in order to help Microsoft out (paradoxically) … continue reading

Mindscape targets Windows 8 app store development

New Metro Elements suite offers 30 new customizable WinRT controls … continue reading Protection Status