Apprenda has launched a free, cloud version of its private Platform as a Service (PaaS) for .NET enterprise applications.  With ApprendaCloud, .NET developers always have access to a free environment for individual projects or to experiment with the Apprenda platform without requiring a download and install of its private PaaS.
“On ApprendaCloud, developers always have a PaaS solution to build next-generation applications or cloud optimize existing enterprise applications,” said Sinclair Schuller, CEO of Apprenda. “At ApprendaCloud’s core is an easy way to educate the developer community on building cloud architected applications.”
Apprenda has made it dead simple for developers to familiarize themselves with a private PaaS solution, trusted by enterprises like Honeywell, AmerisourceBergen and Quest Software. ApprendaCloud includes easy, interactive tutorials that guide developers through building world-class enterprise applications as well as the most common PaaS scenarios – deploying an application, scaling application components, and more.
When applications on ApprendaCloud are market ready, users can download an on-premises install of Apprenda’s private PaaS. The Apprenda platform can be consumed as a downloadable installer, virtual machine images, licensed product or PaaS service.
Users can visit to sign up and get started.