Appvance, Inc., the leader in DevOps unified test automation, now offers a deep integration with AppDynamics. Developers, DevOps teams, IT and QA professionals can now gain deeper visibility into the full-stack performance of cloud, mobile and corporate applications.

The rich feature set includes the ability to run functional, performance and load tests on applications with rapidly recorded use-cases, and dive into system, Java and .NET analytics, which AppDynamics captures and brings directly into the Appvance platform. With Appvance, operations, development, and QA teams get a unified view of the application’s performance, while AppDynamics helps to quickly identify root cause at the code level. Appvance and AppDynamics enable a deeper analysis in production with the AppDynamics APM and Appvance synthetic (known use case) APM running together. IT teams can now quickly get visibility into whether issues exist by inspecting known use case results before spending time on anomalies that are unlikely to reoccur.

“Rapid surfacing of bottlenecks is key to our customers,” said Appvance CEO, Kevin Surace. “AppDynamics is a unique platform that provides outstanding metrics and statistics on server and environment performance, leading to faster pinpointing of problem areas well before launch.”

The latest release provides industry-leading support for cloud and agile development. A real-time analytics dashboard allows users to quickly isolate and eradicate bottlenecks and issues while tests are running, and is a transformative breakthrough. Through Appvance’s Live Active Virtual Users real-time analytics dashboard, Appvance is helping test teams isolate issues as they happen, down to the millisecond, as well as pause and resume testing while making changes.

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