ASG Software Solutions, a worldwide independent software vendor for global enterprises, today announced the general availability of ASG-becubic v8.0. Designed for IT professionals to reduce the complexity of managing application portfolios that span mainframe and distributed environments, ASG-becubic is an application management solution that helps companies make application portfolio decisions and gain a deep understanding of application components and their relationships. The latest version of ASG-becubic provides improved user functionality for additional IT and business management roles, and captures information from an expanded set of technology solutions, including Microsoft through ASG’s membership in the Microsoft Visual Studio Industry Partner program.

Industry statistics indicate that as much as 70 percent of IT budgets are devoted to on-going maintenance efforts and that the vast majority of organizations lack adequate understanding of the content, status and usage of applications within their infrastructures. Through the adoption of an enterprise portfolio IT management application, ASG-becubic users can reduce and redirect maintenance resources toward higher-value activities such as application rationalization and modernization.

ASG-becubic recognizes numerous application components, including programming languages, script languages, control languages, monitors, screen generators, middleware, database management systems, and schedulers. ASG-becubic features top-down views via defined, role-based management panels and comprehensive analysis surveys and reporting capabilities to provide a more intuitive understanding of cross-platform enterprise applications.

ASG-becubic v8.0 Newsworthy Facts
• ASG-becubic provides a comprehensive view of applications assets, their composition, and their relationships, regardless of the technologies on which they are built. ASG-becubic helps users make and implement the best life cycle decisions across their entire application portfolio.
• ASG-becubic helps organizations identify the primary composition and structure of core applications, their complexity, code redundancies, and duplications. ASG-becubic identifies problems in the code base, reducing operational risk at runtime and minimizing the downtime for an application, and also provides a systematic approach to assess the impact of changes to control risks.
• ASG-becubic inventories, references, and documents all business, technical, functional, and data elements at a finer level of granularity than any comparable technology. The application assets in the knowledge base are kept up to date through high performance source code collectors interfaced to preferred Source Code Management (SCM) tools.
• ASG-becubic offers business and IT users a top-down view via pre-defined, role-based management panels and input from comprehensive user surveys. ASG-becubic now provides a Director’s View, Project Manager’s View, and Business Analyst’s View, as well as application scoring survey capabilities.
• ASG-becubic delivers enhanced support for the Microsoft platform through our VSIP (Visual Studio Industry Partner) technical partnership. Additions and enhancements include: Microsoft SQL Server 2008 for repository creation, VB.NET, ASP.NET, and C# technology providers. From a technical and customer standpoint ASG-becubic provides improved support for the Microsoft ecosystem (databases, programming languages, IDE) and Microsoft technologies.