With a little help from investment capital, Atlassian acquired Mercurial hosting company BitBucket last year. Today, the company announced its newest acquisition: the Sysbliss Bamboo Release Management plug-in. Atlassian acquired this sole software product from software developer Jonathan Doklovic, and the plug-in is now part of the release of Bamboo 3.0.

Bamboo 3.0 adds support for Git and Mercurial, two popular distributed version-control systems. But the Sysbliss plug-in is the main addition. Its inclusion allows developers and operators to quickly mark all assets involved for a release. Developers can use the Bamboo plug-in to manage release builds, mark relevant code in repositories as “release used,” and automatically create a new branch on the code for the next release.

“Bamboo has come a long way in providing some of the most powerful features in any CI server,” said Mike Cannon-Brookes, Atlassian’s CEO and cofounder. “In version 1.0, we introduced the concept of ‘build telemetry,’ a feature that provided terrific metrics around software builds,” he said.

“In 2.0, we announced infinite scalability via distributed builds in Amazon EC2. In this version, we offer continuous deployment, which gives teams greater confidence and speed in software production.”

Atlassian has been making a lot of acquisitions since it became flush with cash thanks to a major investment by venture capital firm, Accel Partners, last year. Accel is also an investor in Diapers.com, Facebook and Metro PCS, and the company also invested in SpringSource.