AT&T continues to empower businesses and organizations with mobile solutions to help improve productivity and have better visibility into their assets through the creation of AT&T Location Information Services, a new branded offer scheduled to be available later this year. This cloud-based expansion of AT&T’s portfolio of Mobile Resource Management services is being developed in collaboration with LOC-AID Technologies Inc. and TechnoCom Corporation to provide domestic location awareness and tracking abilities. AT&T will preview this new solution at the annual AT&T Developer Summit happening today in Las Vegas.

AT&T Location Information Services are designed to provide AT&T’s enterprise customer base with a highly reliable, operationally managed service where network-based location information can be obtained for corporate assets, employee devices and consumer handsets. This service is intended to take advantage of AT&T’s cloud capabilities in order to improve operational efficiencies, increase customer satisfaction and control costs for a variety of industries such as financial services, retail, healthcare, education, travel and hospitality and manufacturing.

“We’re seeing an increased demand from our business customers to utilize the AT&T global network to be more location aware of their assets,” said Chris Hill, Vice President, Advanced Enterprise Mobility Solutions, AT&T Business Solutions. “AT&T Location Information Services will be a natural evolution of our mobile resource management portfolio, which can increase productivity and reduce costs for enterprise customers.”

AT&T is collaborating with LOC-AID to enable enterprise customers to access location information of their customers in order to deliver location-aware services and content.  With LOC-AID’s Location-as-a Service (LaaS) offering, enterprises can now gain access to their customer’s location information on-demand, based upon their business requirements or business events. The mobile location platform from LOC-AID, Location Xchange Gateway, offers developers a single, highly secure, web-services API to get location data of mobile devices and a simple on-boarding process to create applications that use device location information. It also provides a range of location enablement services, including x/y coordinate delivery, geofencing, geocoding, map appends and location. Enterprise developers are able to locate mobile devices through the Location Xchange Gateway and utilize network-based location data to enable solutions like fraud prevention, mobile marketing, authentication, mobile analytics and asset tracking in a number of vertical industries.

Additionally, AT&T is teaming with TechnoCom to provide turn-key location and messaging solutions to enterprise customers through the TechnoCom Location Platform.  The platform’s intelligence and mediation capabilities, flexible workflow engine and configurable business rules are designed to add value to enable a diverse set of uses including roadside assistance, transaction fraud prevention, mobile advertising, customer relationship management, personal and family security, and mobile workforce management.