Sleeek Corporation (here after Sleeek), a global provider of solutions to improve productivity in software development, announced on August 18 that its automated code review service Sider, is now compatible with GitLab through “Sider Enterprise for GitLab”. In addition, the programming languages supported by Sider have been expanded to include Python, C/C++, and C#. As a result, it can be used not only for web-based development but also in the manufacturing industry, embedded software development, application development for Windows, and core system development. This enhancement aims to provide software developers around the world a better code review experience and contribute to improved development productivity.

Sider is a code review automation service on GitHub provided by Sleeek. By analyzing source code, automatically detecting problem areas, and reporting them to the developer, Sider reduces the time required for code review, contributes to the growth of engineers and development teams, as well as software quality. Sider is used in more than 67 countries around the world.

Over the past few years, many companies have made a transition in their software version control systems from a centralized SVN to a decentralized Git, primarily to GitHub and GitLab. Sider originally supported GitHub only but was receiving many requests to support GitLab. Since GitLab is often used on-premise, Sider has rolled out “Sider Enterprise for GitLab”, which supports the on-premise version of GitLab. It supports both the Enterprise Edition and Community Edition of GitLab.

Sider Enterprise for GitLab is being utilized by Fixstars Corporation, a software acceleration services company active primarily in the manufacturing and automotive industries. It has been adopted and used in embedded software development projects in the C++ language and in machine learning projects using Python. Software developers have been able to install Sider to relevant projects in about 3 minutes, thereby automating merge requests and code reviews. As a result, their code review time has been reduced by 30 to 50% (*1).

Sider supports a large number of programming languages. In addition, for each language, it offers advanced analysis features such as unused variable detection and overflow detection, which is done by analyzing the data flow in C/C++, and checking whether or not conventions such as MISRA C and CERT C are supported. Here is a list of languages supported by Sider: Ruby, PHP, JavaScript, TypeScript, CSS, Java, Kotlin, Go, Python, Swift, C/C++, C#, Shell script, Dockerfile, and Markdown. In addition, there are analyses independent of programming languages such as spell checks and that based on user-defined custom rules.

Visit the company’s website for a list of supported platforms and for additional details.