Accusoft today announces the release of Prizm Content Connect v9.1, the latest version of its industry-leading HTML5 document viewer. The new version features significant performance enhancements, plus document signing, new redaction and annotation tools, and new optimizations for touch screens.

Robust, scalable and highly customizable, Prizm Content Connect is an application for securely viewing and sharing virtually any document, image or message file type through the browser on almost any end-user device, desktop or mobile, without the need for external players, plugins or apps. The “out of the box” product features browser-based annotation, redaction and search tools for convenient collaboration, and protects all shared files through custom user permissions and SSL encryption.

Along with a dramatic acceleration in rendering speed that streamlines the user experience and reduces network traffic, chief enhancements in v9.1 include the ability to electronically sign documents, using either a freehand or typed signature. Document signing makes Prizm Content Connect the ideal any-format viewer for approvals, group-editing signoffs and many other document workflows. The viewer’s native support for virtually any device means users can sign documents anywhere, at anytime on their desktop computers, tablets or smartphones.

Collaboration features have been enhanced with an expanded annotation and redaction toolset, plus an easy-to-use RESTful API that enables automatic redaction, autoredaction, of content found through searches run with regular expressions. Autoredaction eliminates labor-intensive, error-prone manual search-and-redact operations for removing personally identifiable information (PII) and other sensitive content from documents prior to publication or distribution. Users also now have the option to “burn in” redactions right from the browser, eliminating any trace of redacted content, visible or invisible.

Other new features in v9.1 include a single-page view and horizontal scrolling modes, both of which enhance the viewing experience for mobile users. Prizm Content Connect’s responsive viewer auto-adapts both its high-fidelity document display and navigation controls to the screen size on which it’s used, for optimized viewing on any device type.

Acknowledged as the fastest, most feature-rich HTML5 viewer available, Prizm Content Connect is used by Yahoo! and other tech-savvy companies as a viewing component for document preview, eDiscovery, medical imaging and other applications.

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