AvePoint, the leader in governance, compliance, and management solutions for social enterprise collaboration platforms, today announced the general availability of AvePoint Compliance Guardian Service Pack (SP) 1. With new features and support for file shares, web, and Microsoft SharePoint compliance, Compliance Guardian enables your organization to proactively protect IT environments from harmful information leaks or misuse while simultaneously ensuring that all activities and information residing in those environments are compliant, accessible and manageable.

AvePoint Compliance Guardian provides a centralized enterprise compliance and risk management system that looks across diverse and often decentralized collaboration systems and data sources to address compliance in a consistent manner. Compliance Guardian’s distributed architecture supports enterprise scalability. AvePoint Compliance Guardian continues to support key compliance and risk areas including accessibility, operational and information security, privacy, and site quality. New features include:
• Enhanced capabilities for file systems compliance – Scan content based on out-of-the-box or customized compliance checks that map to a wide range of U.S., International, and vertical specific requirements and legislation for privacy, information assurance, operational security, sensitive security information, and accessibility. Tag sensitive data with an embedded metatag to indicate the sensitivity level and move that content to a protected location to ensure appropriate access.
• Enhanced capabilities for web compliance – Crawl and scan websites and web-based systems to quickly assess the risk level of your enterprise content and IT frameworks by identifying and prioritizing accessibility, operational security, privacy, and site quality errors or violations. Automate compliance assessments of web-based Internet and Intranet systems through the use of Compliance Guardian Web Transaction scripting, which simulates a user interacting with an online application and automates the process of compliance testing.
• Risk reports – Compliance Guardian’s Advanced Risk Calculator uses sophisticated logic to provide multiple perspectives on potential risk within content with out-of-the-box and customizable algorithms to determine raw risk, stepped risk, and weighted risk across enterprise content. It can surface risk and risk areas, and also audit and limit the risk.
• Site quality/link validation reports – Evaluate broken links, missing images, and errors, as well as appropriate use of brand, logos, and custom requirements to ensure that content complies with requirements for site quality and brand management, and maintains a consistent look and feel across your organization.

Compliance Guardian allows enterprise organizations to scan, audit, and report on data within their enterprise file systems, websites, web systems, web applications, and SharePoint sites. Compliance Guardian not only assesses Microsoft Office files, HTML files and PDFs, but can also evaluate images, AutoCad files, zip files, and hundreds of other file types for privacy and information security issues.

“In today’s business world, organizations have a tremendous amount of sensitive data that they need to keep secure, compliant, and accessible. Due to these complex requirements, some compliance officers are concerned with enterprise collaboration platforms within their organizations because they fear data leakage,” said Dana Simberkoff, VP of Risk Management and Compliance, AvePoint. “AvePoint’s Compliance Guardian provides an easy to use, centralized management console and reporting system for IT risk managers, privacy officers, security officers and line of business owners to ease those fears. This enables organizations to create a balance of both collaboration and compliance, keeping sensitive data safe and secure without infringing on the information sharing that leads to increased business productivity and the achievement of organizational goals.”

AvePoint Compliance Guardian is generally available today, July 30. For more information on how Compliance Guardian can keep your organization compliant, please visit our website.