AvePoint last week released DocAve 5.7, with support for SharePoint 2010 SP1 and the inclusion of its InstaMount restore technology.

Organizations using restore features native to SharePoint have had to stage the databases before restoring the damaged or corrupted content to live production. InstaMount eliminates the staging step, according to the company, by enabling recovery of individual items to production environments from a full database backup. This is done with database virtualization, AvePoint explained in the release announcement.

Further, DocAve 5.7 offers better data protection for custom SharePoint applications, providing platform backup and recovery of Nintex Workflow 2010, KnowledgeLake Imaging for SharePoint 2010, and NewsGator Social Sites for SharePoint 2010.

With SP1, Microsoft made enhancements to Remote Binary Large Object Storage, and DocAve 5.7 supports those in its Storage Optimization Suite with the ability to archive SharePoint content outside of SQL, as well as connecting file share content into SharePoint as a fully functional object, the company announced.