Peer programming, also known as pair programming, is a method normally used in agile environments that refers to a pair of programmers working together on one computer or workstation. The idea is for each to learn from the other. In this SD Times GitHub Project of the Week, CodeBuddies takes peer programming to the next level.

CodeBuddies is an online peer-to-peer Google Hangout designed to provide a place for beginner and expert programmers to work together. “We’re a community of independent code learners who sometimes schedule Google Hangouts to co-work silently on personal projects, pair program, or help each other master tutorials,” according to CodeBuddies’ website.

“Sharing knowledge with others is fun and helps us learn faster.”

According to CodeBuddies, trying to find resources online is often complicated and frustrating for beginners. “Oftentimes, people—mentors, coworkers, hackathon buddies and study partners—are key to accelerating one’s learning. But not everyone has access to study partners or mentors/coworkers who can help them,” according to the group’s website.

CodeBuddies is free and open source, and anyone can join as long as they have an Internet connection. “You don’t need to be or aspire to be a career programmer. Code literacy is for everyone,” the group said.

Top 5 projects trending on GitHub
#1. GitTorrent: “A peer-to-peer network of Git repositories being shared over BitTorrent,” according to creator Chris Ball.

#2. Cheesesquare: A sample of the new Android Design library that features a collapsing toolbar, FloatingActionButton, view anchoring, NavigationView and a snackbar.

#3. Rocket Chat: Similar to Slack, Rocket Chat is a chat solution built with Meteor and designed for companies or developers looking to privately host or build their own chat service.

#4. Pdfmake: According to its creator, Bartek Pampuch, Pdfmake is “client/server-side PDF printing in pure JavaScript.” It features line wrapping, text alignments, tables and columns, custom page breaks, font embedding, and support for complex, multi-level structures.

#5. Awesome: The curated list of all the awesome lists on GitHub. This marks the fourth week in a row it has been trending on GitHub.