Davinci Migrator, the first product introduced since Axceler’s acquisition of echoTechnology, was released Monday to provide control over the move to SharePoint 2010.

As more organizations adopt SharePoint 2010, the need to manage migrations from earlier versions of the software becomes critical. Davinci Migrator eases discovery of assets, establishment of project scope, and migration planning, resulting in fewer failed migration attempts and shortened project schedules, according to the company.

Davinci Migrator includes a rules engine to help identify issues during planning, rank them by importance, and recommend actions, and it supports both granular and site-wide migrations from SharePoint 2003 or 2007, the company said. With Davinci Migrator, migration is not an all-or-nothing affair, as the tool enables migration in stages based on the company’s timetable.

“Davinci is powerful and revolutionary for three main reasons,” said Garry Smith, general manager of echoProducts. “First, Davinci lets managers know whether the migration will succeed before the migration is done, saving precious time. Second, Davinci provides the granular control that an enterprise needs to prioritize, plan and execute a SharePoint migration. And third, Davinci provides the deep SharePoint environmental analysis a migration requires to understand what’s involved ahead of time.”