Today leading enterprise software company Atlassian introduced Confluence 5.0, a completely redesigned version of its best-in-class social and team collaboration platform used by more than 36,000 teams worldwide. This latest release showcases Atlassian’s design-centric approach to usability and user experience across the company’s entire range of collaboration software for product teams. Speed and efficiency are incredibly important in the modern workplace, and each design decision and new feature for Confluence 5.0 was conceived to shave valuable seconds from each end-user’s interaction, thereby helping teams get more work done, faster.

“We’ve placed a premium on establishing ourselves as a design-forward company,” said Jurgen Spangl, Atlassian’s senior design manager. “The new design language introduced in Confluence 5 aims to increase the speed and intuitiveness with which customers interact with Confluence.”

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“The new design of Confluence 5 presents a myriad of opportunities for Good,” said Aaron Jones, program manager at Good Technology. “The new shortcuts and global application links will enable our team to better organize content and help users to quickly find important information. The new interface is also inherently more intuitive and user-friendly, which will make on-boarding easier, empower our current users and boost the effectiveness of our collaboration.”

Atlassian’s newest redesign: A sleeker, modern, more intuitive Confluence
Small to large companies from around the world – including popular e-commerce site Etsy, in-bound marketing expert HubSpot, and Fortune 500 company Graybar – have selected Confluence as their company-wide team collaboration platform. The Confluence redesign focused on helping companies accelerate their employees’ adoption and use of Confluence. Every screen was redesigned to combine the full power of an enterprise-wide collaboration product with the do-it-yourself simplicity of consumer experiences that users can comfortably adopt. Specifically, the new features include:
• Create Experience: A dialog presents users with all available page templates, highlighting the different types of content that can be created and shared in Confluence.
• Space Sidebar: A vertical sidebar makes it easier for users to find important content without having to perform a search.

• Space Shortcuts: Administrators can add shortcuts to the Space Sidebar to help users quickly navigate to important pages and content, including both internal and external sites such as Atlassian’s JIRA, a leading issue management software.

“This is the biggest overhaul we’ve ever done to an existing product,” said Sherif Mansour, product manager for Confluence. “Confluence 5’s sexy new interface brings clarity and discoverability to every aspect of the application. With an easier on-boarding experience and a more intuitive navigation, teams can work more efficiently and productively within Confluence. Basically, we just raised the bar of user experience for beginners and power-users alike.”

More than 36,000 teams in 107 countries have realized the benefits of deploying the market’s leading content and team collaboration platform. Confluence 5’s new interface and user experience will continue to increase the product’s reach within organizations by empowering users of all technical skill levels to participate in ideation and collaboration on critical business projects.

Confluence 5 is available for a free 30-day trial, or can be purchased for onsite download or OnDemand cloud offering starting at $10/month for 10 users. The Confluence ecosystem features 195 consulting partners and more than 480 free and commercial add-ons including Atlassian’s Team Calendars, available on the Atlassian Marketplace.