CodeFutures, a provider of agile Big Data technologies, today announced AgilData, a new Big Data platform designed to remove the complexity and limitations of current data management approaches. It features high-performance stream processing that supports the real-time, data-driven enterprise, and allows organizations to quickly and efficiently harvest meaningful data that is increasingly hard to access for large-enterprise, online gaming, interactive-mobile and other high-volume, Web 2.0 applications.

“The era of Big Data is upon us and will continue to accelerate rapidly, bringing a host of new challenges for organizations looking to gain a competitive advantage by extracting meaning and value from data in a fast and efficient manner,” said Cory Isaacson, CEO/CTO of CodeFutures. “AgilData provides an easy-to-deploy, streaming technology framework that allows organizations to view data as a real-time stream. This is a fundamental shift from current approaches that view databases as a static repository – one that grows in complexity, is hard to manage and requires a continuous escalation of resources to maintain, let alone mine strategic value.”

Viewing and managing data as a real-time stream allows organizations to overcome Big Data challenges with a new level of ease, flexibility and performance. AgilData provides high-performance stream processing, real-time dynamic views, real-time aggregation and support for SQL. It integrates with third-party DBMS engines (starting with MySQL), and can turn any data source into an easily definable, real-time stream with familiar SQL-like syntax. Easy to deploy, it can be up and running in minutes in a variety of environments and configurations – including “datacenter-to-cloud” and “cloud-to-cloud.”

AgilData leverages open source streaming tools for process flows, in conjunction with its high-performance data engine dubbed AgilEngine. This is a key component for creating a high-performance, fully reliable data infrastructure, with flexible data structures. The flexible data structures are enabled through MapDB, a new open source tool supported by CodeFutures that provides a very fast Java database engine. Together, they provide support for advanced features, such as scalability, automatic redundancy, transactions and persistent query-able streams.

“We are excited about the potential of AgilData for our clients,” said Sushil Prabhu, CEO for OpenCrowd. “Increasingly our financial services clients want custom dashboards with real-time analytics generated as events occur. AgilData’s new approach of stream processing and aggregating information from multiple sources will drastically simplify the work of information processing in our custom real-time dashboards.”

AgilData allows developers to match application needs exactly through desired stream processing, with query-able views – providing the ability to “query the stream” in real time. Using the platform developers can support data structures for virtually any type of application requirement, without having to handcraft voluminous code for data interaction. For managers, AgilData provides real-time executive dashboards that show statistics from one or more back-end systems, for financial or other reporting systems, with real-time aggregate values “as it happens,” based on source transactional systems.

AgilData is being introduced today at Cloud Expo in New York City. The product is available through a private beta program. For more information and to apply for participation in the beta, please visit