HP today unveiled a full range of new IT Operations Management solutions built around big data analytics. These solutions are designed to help organizations automate and optimize their applications and infrastructure technology, resulting in exceptional customer experiences, faster time to market, and greater cost efficiencies.

The new HP solutions leverage HP Haven’s unique analytic assets, HP IDOL and HP Vertica, to connect to and understand vast troves of business data, machine data, and unstructured human information. By analyzing and acting on this data together, organizations can align their IT operations to business and customer demands, in real-time.

“At United Airlines, we continuously innovate to enhance the capabilities for our IT customers,” said Victor Miller, Principal Architect, United Airlines.  “From delivering capabilities to our support teams and development teams, we strive to introduce new elements and services that allow them to support our internal and external customers.  HP’s IT Operations Management products are a critical piece of the foundation for our innovation, helping us leverage data and insights from a vast array of sources to assist is in delivering simpler, cleaner, and richer services for our customers.”

Harnessing Connected Intelligence to Transform IT Operations
Businesses today must adapt to serve customers who expect a seamless, personalized, and enjoyable experience across a company’s mobile, web, device applications, and physical properties. To keep pace, organizations have embraced new computing models, such as cloud, and new development approaches, like agile and DevOps. These changes have introduced more change, more complexity, more security risks, and more opportunities for failure across an organizations’ enterprise IT landscape.

The new HP IT Operations Management software suite is based on the premise that the solution to these challenges resides in the data. When harnessed in a connected, intelligent manner, businesses can automate the rollout of new applications at high velocity, predict system outages before they occur, manage deployments in a secure and compliant way, and even gauge customer response and experience for applications in real-time.

The HP IT Operations Management suite leverages this ‘Connected Intelligence’ from HP Haven to transform IT operations, and includes several new and updated solutions:

  • HP AppPulse Mobile – this innovative tool allows businesses to instrument, monitor, and analyze user experiences on mobile apps. A SaaS offering that measures Android and iOs apps, this tool uses HP Vertica real-time analytics to deliver recommendations and a “FunDex” that is designed to help developers score perfect 5 star ratings on their mobile apps.
  • HP Codar – a brand new offering from HP, Codar allows DevOps teams to easily and efficiently move applications from development into pre-production and full production. HP Codar also integrates with many well-known provisioning engines, including Chef, Puppet, and HP Cloud Service Automation.
  • HP Operations Analytics – this powerful solution leverages HP Vertica real-time analytics to predict outages and identify root causes of issues across the full application stack and throughout the data center. By running all data through HP Operations Analytics, including log files, machine and business data, global IT organizations can identify and correct potential business issues before they occur.
  • HP Propel – this module serves as “the front door to IT” by dramatically simplifying the process for procuring and setting up IT services for employees. HP Propel allows multiple internal IT suppliers to easily integrate, including service desks, cloud provisioning, equipment ordering, and online back office services, and leverages contextual information and sentiment designed to ensure users receive the best possible customer experience.
  • HP Service Anywhere – this SaaS based solution leverages HP Haven analytics to provide powerful tools like hot topics analysis and change analytics. These capabilities help service desk employees predict where issues are arising before they become critical and gives consumers an engaging, self-sufficient service experience. HP IDOL monitors and clusters emerging sentiment among users, and HP Vertica tracks machine and log data providing a complete view of operational performance

“HP is powering a new breed of enlightened enterprises that are applying big data analytics, automation, and connected intelligence to create and deliver IT at high speed and with precision, delighting internal stakeholders and external customers alike,” said Ajay Singh, SVP and GM, IT Operations Management, at HP (@HP). “No other provider possesses the deep analytic assets, full and connected portfolio, and proven track record for helping businesses drive such IT transformations.”

The HP IT Operations Management software solutions listed in this news advisory are generally available now.