Kapow Software, a Kofax company and leading big data integration software provider, today announced the availability of Kapow Enterprise 9.3, which features a redesigned interface that simplifies the user experience and encompasses the entire information supply chain from data acquisition to enrichment, persistence, exploration and distribution. Kapow Enterprise 9.3 is designed to meet the needs of organizations that need to turn data into actionable insights.
Using Kapow’s Enterprise 9.3Synthetic APIs and its patented data integration flows, organizations can easily extract and integrate big data from any source.  Data integration flows can be deployed as Kapow Kapplets via the Kapow KappZone library. Kapplets enable users to run and manage thousands of automated data integration applications at any time and explore an integrated view of disparate data in an interactive pallet in order to act on their findings.
“Kapow brings incredible value to our business users by making them more efficient and productive,” said Lars Johnsen, Chief Content Manager at Schultz Information, a market leader for digital information portals and decision tools for government agencies and corporations. “Using Kapow, we spend less time on manual processes to access and prepare data and more time on making new discoveries. Kapow Kapplets are intuitive and elegant, and provide our business users the critical data they need with just a single click.”
“Enterprise 9.3 is enterprise-ready data integration software that is ideal for any business challenged by managing big data as part of its day-to-day operations,” said Stefan Andreasen, Founder and Chief Technical Officer at Kapow Software. “It gives users robust capabilities that make data accessible, affordable and actionable, allowing organizations to rapidly deliver the critical information at the time they need it to make better decisions.”
Kapow Enterprise 9.3 features include:
Broader coverage for data acquisition
· Rapid, high performance creation of Synthetic APIs to render target sites faster and more effectively and support interactive web technologies using HTML5 and advanced JavaScript frameworks
· Enhanced use of existing traditional APIs to natively interact with Web-services through XML and JSON editing capabilities during data integration design, so existing APIs can be fully leveraged when available
Enhanced data exploration and distribution capabilities
· Advanced composition of Kapow Kapplets supporting bi-directional data integration, including taking action on data results by writing data to downstream systems
· Built-in user management capabilities for controlled distribution to offer an alternative to existing support of corporate LDAP and active directory services
· Data results are rendered in sophisticated and interactive tables, graphs or a combination thereof enabling business consumers to better understand the data and discover trends and anomalies
Enterprise-ready big data integration platform  
· Enhanced performance and scalability of reading and writing data for rapid parallel processing of higher volumes
· Enhanced efficiency in designing data integration flows with ability to save browser sessions across multiple processes