MapR Technologies, Inc., the Hadoop technology leader, today announced the immediate availability of MapR M7, a Big Data platform that provides ease of use, dependability and performance advantages for NoSQL and Hadoop applications. With the M7 Edition, MapR has removed the trade-offs organizations face when looking to deploy a NoSQL solution. M7 provides scale, strong consistency, reliability and continuous low latency.

“MapR M7 provides an enterprise-grade NoSQL solution that has tremendous scale advantages,” said John Schroeder, CEO and co-founder, MapR Technologies. “The fact that it is built-in with Hadoop is a game changer for organizations looking for the best platform to leverage Big Data and support the broadest set of mission-critical applications.”

The MapR M7 Edition is architected from the ground up to deliver reliability and performance without requiring compactions or background consistency checks to work smoothly. M7 delivers over one million operations/sec with a ten-node cluster and provides dramatic scalability advantages with support for up to one trillion tables across thousands of nodes. M7 also provides instant recovery from failures, ensuring 99.999% availability for HBase and Hadoop applications. With M7, there are no region servers, additional processes, or any redundant layer between the application and the data residing in the cluster. M7’s zero-administration approach includes automatic region splits and self-tuning with no downtime required for any operation, including schema changes.

“The number of enterprise-level deployments of Hadoop MapReduce is rising quickly, driven by a need to understand and potentially adopt this new business analytics platform for business applications,” said John Webster, principal analyst, Evaluator Group. “Responding to this demand, MapR delivers a distribution of Apache Hadoop that addresses many of the enterprise quality issues currently limiting its adoption in production data centers. With M7, HBase applications can access data directly without the redundancy of extra layers of communication yielding a single, scalable and more reliable data store that offers high performance and is easier to develop to and administer.”

One of the companies that participated in the M7 beta program is Sociocast, a company that makes it easy for companies to quickly deploy business-impacting predictive analytics and is reinventing the way companies can extract predictive insights.
“We require a highly reliable, blazingly fast NoSQL platform to cater to our growing customer base,” said Sociocast CEO Albert Azout. “We have chosen M7 over other prominent solutions in the marketplace for its capability to support 24×7 operations with minimal administrative costs as well as for delivering the best performance numbers across different workloads.”

MapR M7 Edition is now available. MapR M7 supports Big Data operations ranging from batch analytics to real-time database functions that can be performed with enterprise-grade reliability and protection. MapR also announced today the integration of search and discovery in its Big Data platform which will be available on M7 next quarter.