Oracle has announced a new tool called Oracle Big Data SQL, designed to break down data silos of separate platforms by integrating a single SQL query across multiple databases, including Hadoop, NoSQL and the Oracle Database.

The tool runs on the Oracle Big Data Appliance platform, which integrates Cloudera’s Hadoop distribution. Big Data SQL leverages Oracle’s Smart Scan local processing technology through a data exchange with the Oracle Exadata Database Machine, and the tool is only compatible with the recently unveiled 12c version of the Oracle Database.

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According to Oracle, the SQL tool aims to query all forms of structured and unstructured Big Data while minimizing data movement and speeding up analysis. Oracle’s new offering isn’t the only tool that works to unify access layers on multiple database options. Teradata’s Query Grid and Microsoft’s PolyBase feature of its SQL Server Parallel Data Warehouse are among the other products enabling similar data queries.

The tool is scheduled for wide availability sometime in Q3 of 2014. Oracle will present more details about Big Data SQL in a webcast this afternoon.