Code Analyzer

Pepperdata announced a new product that identifies lines of code and stages of performance issues that are related to CPU, memory, or network and disk I/O. The Pepperdata Code Analyzer for Apache Spark provides Spark application developers with the means to find performance issues and connect them to a specific block of code within their applications.

“One of the most significant challenges in Big Data is achieving optimal performance,” said Ash Munshi, CEO of Pepperdata. “Code Analyzer fills a huge void in application development for Spark, helping developers optimize Spark applications for large-scale production.”

For developers, Code Analyzer is able to identify the lines of code causing the performance issues. It can easily remove resources used during parallel stages, and it can understand why runtime variations occur for the same application. Operations teams can also use the tool for reducing the number of performance issues, or they can use it for communicating detailed performance issues back to developers.

Couchbase introduces new Engagement Database
With its new Engagement Database, Couchbase is giving its customers the ability to deliver customer experiences at scale and with agility. The Engagement Database is a new category of database that lets enterprises “reinvent” the customer experience, said the company. Also, it addresses the ways customers interact with brands, and it lets users tap into data across any channel or device, at any time.

In addition to the database, Couchbase also revealed enhancements to the Couchbase Data Platform, which includes a new release of Couchbase Server 5.0 beta and a preview of Couchbase Mobile 2.0. The Couchbase Data Platform is built on NoSQL technology and it can scale across any device or channel.

Couchbase Server 5.0 beta comes with built-in full text search, more responsive applications and data management, security options, and application development that leverages enhanced N1QL query monitoring and debugging.

More information can be found here.

DataStax announces DataStax Managed Cloud
DataStax is simplifying cloud applications at scale with the new release of its DataStax Managed Cloud. It’s a fully-managed service of the DataStax Enterprise data platform, combining DSE services and expertise from recently acquired company, DataScale.

The DataStax Managed Cloud lets organizations offload operations to DataStax, which means customers can easily scale data management as their business expands. It also extends data management platforms and fits in with hybrid cloud architectures. Customers also have the option to use the DSE Operations Service to increase their operations on their private or public cloud of DSE.

More information can be found here.

Preempt extends secure authentication for applications
Preempt is extending its secure authentication for applications with the announcement of Preempt Any App. The new offering lets organizations add secure authentication to their enterprise applications, without having to do any manual coding to the application.

“Integrating secure authentication into each application requires significant resources, which typically leads to the majority of internal applications not being protected by MFA, or a very fractured approach at best,” said Ajit Sancheti, co-founder and CEO of Preempt. “Preempt removes the need for application customization, and turns the task of adding MFA support to applications into a simple matter of defining policy, which saves both time and money, while also protecting the organization from security breaches.”

More information can be found here.