Software AG today launched Event Analytics for Adabas bringing the latest Big Data security technologies to protect sensitive, on premise business data. Event Analytics for Adabas dynamically monitors sensitive data used in critical business operations processed by the company’s high performance Adabas database. Any data access or updates outside of normal defined times, from unusual geographical locations or outside of any other predefined criteria will result in a real-time alert. Unusual behavior can also be tracked in dashboards or initiate automated security processes.

“The financial losses that an enterprise or government department can accrue through data hacking or other unauthorized data accesses are far greater than any cash theft,” said Wolfram Jost, CTO at Software AG. “It is imperative that organizations implement digital data security to a level that Fort Knox does physically, without restricting legitimate data access. Event Analytics for Adabas does just that and is a significant enhancement to our customers’ ability to fully protect their critical database.”

Event Analytics for Adabas leverages Apama Streaming Analytics, a market-leading platform for streaming analytics and intelligent automated action on fast-moving Big Data, to monitor live database events and report possible threats or initiate real-time security alerts and actions. Apama Streaming Analytics utilizes multiple technologies from the world of high frequency market trading and surveillance, including Software AG’s in-memory data management, analytics and decision tools, and is more powerful than anything else available on the market today.

At the core of the solution is a complex event processing (CEP) engine that enables the data to be analyzed as it is collected with patterns designating relationships between data items, access patterns and user locations. An analytics dashboard presents alerts visually as heat maps, graphs and other intuitive representations.

This is particularly important to the thousands of Adabas installations that rely on its extremely high performance to manage large volumes of sensitive data from financial transactions, taxes, social security, health records, credit card payments, customer profiles, passport identification and payrolls. Adabas attained transaction speeds of over 1,183,000 commands per second in its latest performance tests. To put 1.1 million commands in perspective. If every spectator at all sixteen NFL games on a particular weekend were to simultaneously ask one bank, running one database, to send their account statuses to their cell phones; they would all receive simultaneous sub-second replies. That is, if the network could handle the traffic. Adabas can.

Event Analytics for Adabas also provides immediate alerts and reactions to data security breaches reducing the time between detection and reaction, critical to minimizing the impact to financials, customer data and business operations. By defining and changing event rules easily, reflecting changes to industry regulations, Event Analytics for Adabas ensures maximum compliance with less effort and at a reduced cost.

Event Analytics for Adabas is available now and can be seen in action at CeBIT 2015, the world’s largest IT Expo, in Hanover, Germany, March 16-20.