Syncfusion, Inc., a developer solutions company, today announced the release of the Syncfusion Big Data Platform, a suite of tools and frameworks that simplify managing large data sets for Windows developers.

The Syncfusion Big Data Platform provides all the software commonly required for collecting, managing, and querying large stores of data. With just one click, developers can easily install a complete big data platform that includes Hadoop and comes preconfigured for the Windows environment. The platform also ships with the new Syncfusion Big Data Management Studio, providing a visual interface for performing common operations, like exploring HDFS storage or importing data into Hadoop.

The nature of data is expanding from structured, transactional information, such as customer records, to unstructured information, such as Excel and other business documents, customer feedback logs, web logs, and tweets. The forthcoming challenge for companies will be to economically store this data while being able to effectively query different data types to make timely, accurate decisions.

“We are excited to see Visual Studio partners like Syncfusion provide the latest in tooling advancements,” said Mitra Azizirad, General Manager, Developer Platform & Sales at Microsoft. “Helping developers enrich their toolsets to capture value from big data is a key goal Microsoft and Syncfusion have in common.”

The Syncfusion Big Data Platform provides the following benefits:

  • Windows installers containing Hadoop, Sqoop, Pig, and Hive.
  • Complete management interface for working with Hadoop.
  • Pig and Hive samples.
  • C# MapReduce samples.
  • Showcase samples that highlight the power of the platform.
  • Commercial-level support.

“With our offering, Windows developers will have simple installers and visual development tools that make working with big data much easier,” explained Daniel Jebaraj, Syncfusion’s vice president. “One of the toughest challenges when working with vast amounts of data is quickly validating several different approaches. The Syncfusion Big Data Platform allows developers to do this right from within the Windows environment. They can then seamlessly deploy the final solution to production environments such as HDInsight. Also, Syncfusion is excited to announce that we will soon be shipping a production-ready version suitable for on-premise cluster deployment.”

The Syncfusion Big Data Platform is completely free and available to everyone. Optional commercial support is also available from Syncfusion.

More information on the Syncfusion Big Data Platform can be found at