Talend, a global open source software leader, today announced the availability of version 5.4 of its next-generation integration platform, natively optimized to run inside Hadoop by leveraging MapReduce 2.0, also known as YARN. Setting itself apart as the only integration solution running inside Hadoop, version 5.4 of Talend for Big Data enables data-driven organizations to capitalize on all data assets in ways never thought possible, thanks to the power of open source-driven innovation.

“At the forefront of a big data paradigm shift, Talend invests heavily in building the integration platform of tomorrow, leveraging the benefits of open source for enterprise clients,” said Fabrice Bonan, CTO and co-founder of Talend. “With the advent of YARN, Hadoop is truly becoming a computing platform that goes well beyond its early use cases. With Talend v5.4, we are providing customers with the tools they need to unleash the power of Hadoop to fully leverage their total data and use it as a strategic asset, for any type of value-added project or application.”

“VHA is using Talend’s platform to aggregate, reconcile, cleanse and deliver large and complex data sets from extremely diverse sources,” said Lloyd Mangnall, vice president, architecture and quality at VHA. “Talend’s ability to take full advantage of modern data architectures to master and transform data ‘in place’ is truly ground-breaking. We are looking forward to using the new data quality features running natively inside our Hadoop and NoSQL clusters, fully leveraging big data systems to support master data management.”

With version 5.4, Talend continues to break ground by providing unique and unmatched capabilities to accelerate and increase value of big data projects:
• YARN as the Engine: Apache Hadoop has introduced some major innovations, including YARN (also known as MapReduce 2.0). With version 5.4, Talend enables the native use of YARN as the data integration engine, allowing customers to immediately benefit from the superior resource management that YARN offers. Unlike 3rd party engines that sit on top of Hadoop, Talend v5.4 users directly benefit from the massive scalability and elasticity built into the Hadoop platform with zero overhead in scheduling, job management or platform deployment and maintenance.
• Visual Optimization of MapReduce Jobs: With version 5.4, Talend is the only vendor that enables developers to determine the most optimal way to design a MapReduce job before they run it in production. Statistics and indicators are directly available in the design environment to guide developers through the optimization process that is performed against a sample of the actual data set.
• Hadoop for Data Cleansing: Building on its commitment to data quality as being critical to data integration, Talend v5.4 supports big data quality generated as MapReduce jobs, making it possible for computationally intensive data quality tasks to be performed at an infinite scale. In addition to the already supported profiling sources which included Hadoop, Hadoop Hive and all major relational databases, Talend v5.4 adds profiling for HP Vertica and exposes the profiling connection information so that additional connections can be built by the Community.
• Support for Hadoop Security with Kerberos: Organizations seeking to adopt big data are facing new challenges of management, government and security. To address this, Talend v5.4 adds support for Kerberos, the number one security framework for Hadoop, making Hadoop distributions more secure.

Commitment to the Talend Partner Ecosystem
In addition to supporting the latest platforms from partners such as Hortonworks, Cloudera and MapR, Talend is also extending support for SAP HANA, Pivotal HD and IBM PureData System for Hadoop.

Talend also continues to enhance its NoSQL support with support for batch data loads to MongoDB and Cassandra, as well as new connectors for Riak, further underscoring the company’s leadership position as the leading solution for NoSQL and big data integration.

“Talend has a strong track record of world-class innovation in the data integration market,” said William McKnight, president of McKnight Consulting Group. “The ability of Talend’s solutions to evolve within a quickly changing technology landscape enables organizations to remove integration barriers to the adoption of modern data platforms such as NoSQL or Hadoop. The support of YARN as the integration engine, and the Hadoop visual job optimization features introduced in Talend v5.4, will provide even more agility and choices for users.”

Version 5.4 of Talend Open Studio for Data Integration, Talend Open Studio for Data Quality, Talend Open Studio for MDM, Talend Open Studio for ESB and Talend Open Studio for Big Data are available for immediate download from Talend’s website, www.talend.com. Version 5.4 of the commercial subscription products will be available within six weeks and will be provided to all existing Talend customers as part of their subscription agreement and can be procured through the usual Talend representatives or partners.