Terracotta, Inc., the leader in in-memory technologies for enterprise Big Data, today unveiled a new native in-memory platform for real-time insight and intelligent action on Big Data.  The platform, named Terracotta In-Genius, will allow organizations to discover hidden insights and act on them. As a result, enterprises can significantly reduce risk, automate business processes and rapidly deploy new offers, products and services, all in real-time.

“The proliferation of devices has dramatically changed the requirements for IT organizations chartered with the gathering, management, analysis and delivery of important data and insights,” said Robin Gilthorpe, Chief Executive Officer of Terracotta, Inc. “In order to stay competitive, organizations must quickly and easily extract real-time data, not only to and from traditional desktop and laptop computers, but also to and from mobile devices such as smart phones, tablets and point-of-sale terminals. The emergence of the Industrial Internet and machine-to-machine communications means billions of sensors are now a new type of client, adding further complexity.  All of these demands have exacerbated the need for a solution like In-Genius that will enable businesses to not just access huge amounts of data quickly, but also to act on it instantly.”

Scaling Up and Out
In-Genius will deliver real-time insights from any kind of data and distribute them to any delivery channel, including web, mobile and point-of-sale, for immediate action. At the same time, In-Genius will enable a brand new class of applications that easily scale up and out and adapt to new dynamic data sets, while empowering enterprises in ways that have not been achievable using traditional data management approaches based on antiquated disk drive centric IT architectures.

“The Industrial Internet has opened up new horizons, using intelligent machines to accelerate productivity, reduce inefficiency and waste, while still enhancing the human work experience,” said Bill Ruh, Vice President and Corporate Officer, GE Global Software Headquarters.  “These intelligent machines both create and rely on massive amounts of data to make smart decisions, and as such, the continuing evolution of in-memory capabilities will be critical to organizations like GE.  Merging the physical worlds of machines with even faster access to, and analysis and action on huge data sets will allow us to transform the world.”

In-Memory Capabilities Core to In-Genius
In-Genius will be powered by Terracotta’s new BigMemory 4.0 in-memory data platform, also announced today and currently available.  Due to BigMemory 4.0, IT organizations can move all their important data into main memory for speed, scale and simplicity, and are no longer bound by their historic costly and complicated data management approaches.

The In-Genius platform will integrate ultra-low latency messaging and event stream processing of data from all data sources, forming a powerful, scalable and very fast in-memory platform.  In-Genius will also enable high-volume applications to communicate in microseconds with each other and with in-memory data stores. With its event-driven architecture, In-Genius will gather and act upon streaming or complex events for reporting, analysis and real-time response.

The ability to act on insights derived from terabytes of data in real-time can transform entire industries:
• Financial Services — Save billions annually on fraudulent transactions. Terracotta In-Genius will allow companies to stop such transactions using complex pattern detection before transaction authorization rather than after.
• Logistics Companies — Real-time supply management routings based not only on package location but also on historical data, traffic sensors, weather, calendar events and other patterns emerging from data.
• Retailers — Instant and personalized recommendations not just on the web but at the point-of-sale across all stores, significantly enhancing revenues and personalizing the consumer’s shopping experience for enhanced brand loyalty.

“At AdJuggler, we’re building a one million transaction-per-second online advertising marketplace,” said Ben Lindquist, Vice President of Technology at AdJuggler. “Speed at scale is everything, and we are past the point where we can do things in traditional ways. Terracotta and BigMemory will allow us to scale the backend of our system beyond a million transactions per second and make it globally distributed. Disks are now relegated to archiving. With In-Genius we will be able to utilize its complex event processing to automatically generate our accounting records, giving us a distinct advantage over our competition.”

In-Genius general availability is planned for the third quarter of calendar 2013.