Radoop, the company that makes big data analytics easier to use, today announced the 1.5 version of the most comprehensive Hadoop-based big data analytics tool on the market. This version of Radoop provides unique possibilities to turn big data into competitive advantage by predictive analytics and other new features.

Radoop is an easy-to-use workbench for analyzing large data sets and it provides an intuitive user interface for ETL, advanced analytics and visualization for big data. Radoop gives you tools to overcome the shortage of big data experts and to gain insights from your big data where and when you need it. The tool is exceptionally easy to learn and even non-technical people can use it, but it also includes advanced features for experienced data analysts. This unique big data analytics solution provides all features that you expect from a classic BI stack whether it is as simple as generating a report or as complex as implementing a scheduled process across the company.

The Radoop product line consists of two products which change how companies analyze their big data assets. Radoop Standard Edition is powered by RapidMiner, the most popular open-source data mining tool, provides a simple and flexible data flow interface to define big data analytics processes for companies with a small number of analysts. Radoop Enterprise Edition is further powered by RapidAnalytics, an analytics server that adds user management, collaboration and process sharing, scheduled execution of analysis processes, and web access to reports and results for companies where business results need the cooperative work of analysts.

As Radoop’s promise is to make big data analytics easier, the new release is also focused on improving the business adaptability of the software. The main improvements of the new release: new methods for advanced big data analytics as the first on the market, unrivaled ability to use predictive analytics models on big data, and improved security and reliability by supporting HiveServer 2.

New methods for advanced big data analytics
Beyond the ability to segment and cluster your big data, the new release of Radoop enables you to gain more insights by advanced methods of big data analytics. With these methods, companies will be able to make predictive models to support such data intensive tasks like consumer and market risk modeling, offer targeting in marketing or customer churn prevention.

Use your predictive analytics models on big data
Use your existing models on your big data assets with the help of the latest version of Radoop. Radoop supports a wide range of big data analytics models in Hadoop. You can build or load these models in the familiar environment of RapidMiner and then you can score these models on your big data in Hadoop. This allows you to combine the analytical capabilities and ease-of-use of RapidMiner with the power and performance of Hadoop.

Hive Server 2 support
By supporting the second version of HiveServer, Radoop provides a more reliable and secure way to access to the data warehouse system for Hadoop.