VoltDB, the world’s fastest high-velocity database, today announced the immediate availability of the newest version of its flagship offering, VoltDB 3.0.

VoltDB is an in-memory relational database designed specifically to solve the big data velocity problem. Despite the deafening hype around big data, most enterprises have not been able to build applications that can ingest, analyze and act on massive volumes of data fast enough to deliver business value. VoltDB solves this problem by narrowing the “ingestion-to-decision” gap from minutes, or even hours, to milliseconds.

“With every passing second, time saps the value of data. This is why so many big data applications have not delivered business value – it simply takes too long to analyze and identify actionable information in the morass of data,” said Ryan Hubbard, CTO of Yellowhammer. “VoltDB has solved this problem for Yellowhammer. For the first time, we can ingest, analyze and decision on data in real time. This capability opens a new world of possibilities for applications that truly deliver competitive advantage.”

Purpose built for high velocity big data applications, VoltDB enables real-time visibility into the data that drives business value. With these industry first capabilities, VoltDB is making it possible for developers to create an entirely new generation of big data applications, with application functionality that could not be realized with traditional database offerings.

“For big data to reach its full potential, developers must have the ability to solve the data velocity problem,” said VoltDB President and CEO Bruce Reading. “VoltDB is the first company to solve this problem by designing an innovative architecture that leverages current hardware while marrying the structure and consistency one associates with relational databases with the speed and scalability of an in-memory database. This has enabled our customers to create the first generation of big data applications that truly deliver tremendous and immediate business value for their customers.”

Customer Demand Drives New Product Features 
Based on the demand for velocity applications across a broad range of industries, VoltDB 3.0 is engineered to deliver unprecedented performance to a much broader range of developers, applications, and IT environments. Key benefits and features of VoltDB 3.0 include:

• Easier than ever to build velocity applications
◦ JSON support for flexible development methodologies
◦ Expanded SQL support simplifies complex, data velocity application development.  Added support for SQL LIKE and NOT LIKE, Column Functions, Indexing Column Functions, Counting function (leaderboard queries), UNION
◦ Agility to update the schema in production systems with no downtime
◦ Streamlined application development process
• Expanded reach across developers and applications
◦ Robust and flexible cloud deployments, minimizes concerns for variable hardware and network latency
◦ Conversational SQL, in addition to stored procedures, addresses more use cases and expands development flexibility
◦ Continuous availability and ability to automate administration for mission critical use cases
• Re-join a failed node to cluster with no service window
• New Scriptable Administration tools
• Even faster
◦ Sub-millisecond latency in a relational database for fast, predictable transaction performance
◦ Optimized for high performance hardware provides deployment flexibility
◦ Ad hoc SQL performance improvements allow for greater application flexibility in use of ad hoc SQL
• Thousands to ten thousand+ ad hoc statements per second
• Extensible to integrate with existing data infrastructure
◦ High Performance Export moves data to analytic systems 20 times faster and shortens the time to business insights
◦ Netezza, Vertica and JDBC export connectors ease integration with existing data architectures
◦ More Client Library languages fit seamlessly into chosen enterprise architectures
▪ New PHP Client
▪ Node.js client v1.0
▪ Go Client

VoltDB 3.0 is currently available for immediate download at https://voltdb.com/tao-volt/downloads-home.php. For more information or to request a quote, please contact sales@voltdb.com.