Thales, leader in critical information systems and cybersecurity, and Zettaset, a leader in big data security, announce the availability of a standards-based data encryption and key management solution designed for open source big data environments such as Hadoop and NoSQL. Organizations can now comply with government regulations and industry mandates for protecting data privacy.

Thales keyAuthority extends key management to Hadoop and NoSQL using Zettaset BDEncrypt client software to enable high performance and scalable encryption controls for the largest databases. Data-at-rest and in-motion is safeguarded, while maintaining operational efficiency and business continuity.

The key storage, replication and backup provided by keyAuthority help ensure high availability, with redundant hardware for fault tolerance and recovery. The joint solution follows industry standards KMIP and PKCS#11 for interoperability within existing security frameworks. The joint solution includes:

  • Thales keyAuthority, a hardened FIPS 140-2 Level 3 appliance that provides high assurance key management to users of storage applications and systems with embedded encryption. A unified management interface reduces silos while automating encryption controls for consistent security policy enforcement across global enterprises.
  • BDEncrypt big data encryption software from Zettaset is performance-optimized for big data stores, enabling organizations to bring Hadoop and NoSQL databases into compliance with corporate and regulatory data protection initiatives such as HIPAA, HITECH, and PCI.

Cindy Provin, president, Thales e-Security Inc., says:

“The proliferation of big data platform deployments, many based on Hadoop and NoSQL, calls for security innovations to protect data in motion, data in use and data at rest. The scale of big data and its highly distributed nature require innovative adaptions for the problems of authentication, authorization and data protection in which cryptography plays a vital part. We are delighted to have partnered with Zettaset to deliver a high assurance encryption and key management solution for big data environments, easing the tensions between usability, performance, scalability and security.”

Jim Vogt, CEO Zettaset says:

“Zettaset is pleased to be partnering with Thales to deliver a proven, enterprise-class data protection solution for organizations that are scaling up their Hadoop and NoSQL environments and moving into production. IT teams deploying Hadoop and NoSQL are now realizing the security gaps that exist in these open source databases, and are looking for a high-assurance security solution that will provide protection and support compliance for big data in the enterprise.”