BlazeMeter, the leader in open source-based continuous performance testing, has released new technology which enables users to execute Selenium scripts as load tests. Selenium users can run thousands of different nodes in the cloud for large scale load tests across multiple geographical locations.

This innovative functionality is made possible by using BlazeMeter in conjunction with its new open source performance testing automation framework, Taurus. Taurus automates the execution of native Selenium tests locally and seamlessly switches into the BlazeMeter cloud to run the tests at a massive scale. All tests can be added as a step in the Jenkins pipeline, enabling Selenium users to include performance testing in the Continuous Integration cycle while also enjoying key features like enhanced reporting and collaboration.

“We’re extremely excited about this new technology, which enables users to easily run cloud-based load tests with Selenium for the first time. It significantly simplifies and expedites the process, without requiring any modifications to existing Selenium scripts,” said Alon Girmonsky, CEO and Founder of BlazeMeter. “This is just the first step on our product roadmap for the Selenium user community.”

BlazeMeter has also released an additional new feature for the JMeter community – the Selenium Converter. The converter transforms all Selenium scripts into JMeter in less than ten minutes, eliminating the JMeter scripting step and dramatically reducing costs and test creation time from hours or days down to just minutes. It fully automates the process, once more facilitating the implementation of testing into the Jenkins CI pipeline. Watch this video on how to use the Selenium Converter.

“I consider Selenium, JMeter and Jenkins as comrades and we are all part of a big team effort that moves the dial of automation in this industry. Hats off to BlazeMeter for combining these three worlds and helping people get to more automated, more effortless performance testing in their CI pipelines,” said Kohsuke Kawaguchi, Jenkins founder and CTO at CloudBees. “I’ve always believed in the power of the Jenkins platform to streamline and simplify testing. This new technology brings load testing yet another step forward.”

And, to find out more about the Selenium converter for JMeter, take a look at this blog post.