Sauce Labs
Sauce Labs (besides giving attendees free hot sauce bottles at the conference) gave a demonstration to show coders and developers how their platform can run all of their tests in the cloud on its single platform. With Sauce Labs, developers can use automated cross-browser testing, which can speed up test cycles without managing infrastructure. Its platform also offers automated mobile testing, which allows developers to determine where mobile apps are failing on actual Android and iOS devices. There is the option to manually test apps across more than 500 browsers and OS combinations.

The platform allows for collaboration between developers and coders, and there is an option to share with team members and in the cloud in real time.

The big question of performance is, “How is it impacting my business?” Kevin Sickles, sales executive at SOASTA, said that in order for him to get senior managers to understand that question, he just has to show them. With SOASTA, businesses can see how performance and user experience are directly affecting their revenue.

SOASTA recently launched the Consumer Performance Index, which will help developers and operations teams (as well as business owners) get a better understanding of user engagement and conversion. At the conference, Buddy Brewer, who leads strategic initiatives for SOASTA mPulse (a user-measurement tool), gave a talk about increasing performance and speed.