Soon, visibility and insight into requirements and the root cause of software project failures will be available. Blueprint announced the launch of Blueprint Analytics will be in Q1 of 2014.

Analytics is Blueprint’s solution to providing IT leaders and higher-level executives with early visibility into the requirements definition and management process through metrics and analysis.

“IT executives and business leaders are often held hostage to the variability of IT projects. Costs, timing and quality are all difficult to manage and predict,” said Ray Payette, senior vice president of engineering and operations at Blueprint. “It’s a lack of visibility into the underlying activities that hinders the requirements definition and management process, which is so vital for project success. Without detailed performance metrics, you cannot manage and predict future projects, leaving the variability to continue.”

Blueprint Analytics will identify problem areas through extended reporting capabilities, dashboarding capabilities and metrics. It also features root cause analysis, which will be designed to identify problem sources by assessing how they happened, and detailing internal versus external causes.

Along with the Q1 2014 launch, the company will release a mobile application to alert business stakeholders with critical early-warning project information.