BroadVision, Inc. (Nasdaq:BVSN), a pioneer in e-business and enterprise social networking solutions, today announced the release of Clearvale Enterprise for Corporate Communications, a unique solution that streamlines the process of creating, managing and publicizing corporate marketing materials across private and public networks. The first in a series of collaborative marketing solutions from BroadVision, Clearvale(TM) Enterprise for Corporate Communications is part of the Clearvale Enterprise Ecosystems, which allows users to create and manage multiple networks with different user profiles.

Clearvale Enterprise for Corporate Communications manages the lifecycle of a corporate communications document, such as a press release, from creation to review, modification and finally publication. In particular, the pain point of creating press materials is addressed. The need for review from multiple sources, like legal departments and customers, can slow down the process, and the existence of multiple versions of the same document can be confusing, and result in the wrong iteration of the press release being published. Clearvale Enterprise for Corporate Communications allows multiple users to collaborate internally on documents in real-time and over the cloud. When they are ready, the documents can be shared with PR agencies, publications and the general public via outward facing communities.

Clearvale Enterprise for Corporate Communications was designed for corporate communications teams, who are tasked with creating marketing materials and ensuring they are inline with corporate messaging requirements.

Other features include the ability to:

— Dynamically monitor Influencers on social networks
— Build and integrate apps through its open API and widget gallery
— Integrate email, voice, IM, and other communications tools to create a personal “news stream”
— Integrate with existing systems like CRM and publishing tools

A key developer of Clearvale Enterprise for Corporate Communications has been BroadVision CMO, Giovanni Rodriguez. Rodriguez, a former principal at a public relations agency, recognized that Clearvale could be used by corporate communications teams to effectively manage corporate communications and marketing efforts, and  decrease their time to market.

“The life of the corporate communications professional is becoming more and more challenging,” said Rodriguez. “It requires that you can rapidly navigate any number of digital environments, with the ease of use that one finds on consumer services such as Facebook and Twitter. We’ve designed a solution that enables corporate communications professionals to better navigate, manage and collaborate with all the constituents in their ecosystem, inside and outside the enterprise.”