#1. Stellar
Stellar is a database snapshot and restore tool for development. Created by Fast Monkeys, Stellar allows users to store databases when writing database migrations, switching braches or experimenting with SQL. The project supports PostgreSQL and MySQL. “Warning: Please don’t use Stellar if you can’t afford data loss. It’s great for developing but not meant for production,” according to the project’s GitHub page.


#2. Gooey
Gooey allows developers to convert console apps into user-friendly GUI apps so that they can focus on developing robust and configurable programs without having to worry about how it will look and feel, according to its GitHub page. “More often than not programs need to do more than just one thing, and that means giving options, which previously meant either building a GUI, or trying to explain how to supply arguments to a console application. Gooey was made to (hopefully) solve those problems,” the project creator, Chris Kiehl, wrote.”


#3. Duo
Duo is a next-generation package manager for front ends that blends ideas from Component, Browserify and Go. It makes organizing and writing front-end code quick and painless, according to the project’s GitHub page. Features include support for JavaScript, HTML and CSS; support for transforms such as CoffeeScript or SASS; and the ability to pull source directly from GitHub. More information is available here.

#4. LowDB
Created by Typicode, LowDB is a serverless flat JSON file database for Node. “LowDB is built on Lo-Dash this makes it quite different and unique compared to other serverless databases often based on MongoDB’s API,” according to the project’s GitHub page.


5. Gogs
Gogs stands for Go Git Service, and it is a “painless self-hosted Git Service written in Go,” according to its GitHub page. It is easy to install; runs anywhere Go can; has low minimal requirements, runs on Raspberry Pi; and supports MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite3. More information is available here.