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GitLab’s AI suite gets Chat, Code Suggestions features

GitLab has announced updates to GitLab Duo, which is a suite of 14 AI capabilities, including Suggested Reviewers, Vulnerability Summary, and Code Explanation.  According to a recently released survey from the company, the developers surveyed said they only spend about 25% of their time writing code. GitLab Duo helps improve product life cycle times because … continue reading

Google I/O highlights future of Android, Web

Google I/O moved only 40 miles south of San Francisco, but the conference might as well have been hours away when compared to previous years. Hosted at the Shoreline Amphitheater, the same venue at which the remnants of the Grateful Dead play, this year developer conference was held outdoors. This move to Mountain View, next … continue reading

Top 5 projects trending on GitHub

#1. Stellar Stellar is a database snapshot and restore tool for development. Created by Fast Monkeys, Stellar allows users to store databases when writing database migrations, switching braches or experimenting with SQL. The project supports PostgreSQL and MySQL. “Warning: Please don’t use Stellar if you can’t afford data loss. It’s great for developing but not … continue reading Protection Status