Esri has released ArcGIS Runtime, a new technology to help developers create powerful, lightweight GIS applications that display quickly and are deployed easily. ArcGIS Runtime features a modern architecture for building focused, stand-alone mapping applications for both desktop and mobile devices.

“ArcGIS Runtime is a new generation of tools for developers,” said Rob Elkins, ArcGIS product manager at Esri. “It has a very lightweight footprint, meaning it’s about the same size as Adobe Reader. It doesn’t need any administrative privileges to be installed and provides you with very fast capabilities to display maps, do editing, and perform analysis.”

ArcGIS Runtime works with software development kits (SDKs) available from the Esri Developer Network. SDKs simplify the creation of custom applications that integrate geospatial data and GIS capabilities. Esri also offers ArcGIS Runtime SDKs for building and deploying custom mobile mapping applications on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone platforms.

Developers can use ArcGIS Runtime with Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Java, and various mobile platforms to embed dynamic mapping and geospatial applications into existing applications or build new custom applications. With applications based on Runtime, users can author maps, content, and GIS functionality in ArcGIS for Desktop or publish web services, which can be consumed in the custom applications. An ArcGIS Runtime application can also be a client to ArcGIS for Server or run completely disconnected from the server environment. Advanced geoprocessing, editing, and analytical capabilities can be integrated into applications.

ArcGIS Runtime will help you do the following:
• Rapidly build GIS-enabled applications with out-of-the-box developer controls, templates, and samples
• Display and navigate maps and data created with ArcGIS for Desktop
• Create and edit geographic features stored in enterprise and file geodatabases
• Perform geographic operations that leverage the power of ArcGIS geoprocessing tools

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