MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.—Couchbase, Inc., provider of the most complete NoSQL database, today announced the release of its 2.0 SDKs. The 2.0 releases include Couchbase SDKs for C, Java, .NET, Node.js, PHP, Python, and Ruby making it easy for developers using the most popular programming languages to build scalable and high performance next generation applications. Today, Couchbase also announced the release of Couchbase Server 3.0.

“Providing a robust set of SDKs that take advantage of the most advanced development models is critical to our ability to become the NoSQL database of choice for developers building high performance applications,” said Ravi Mayuram, Senior Vice President Couchbase Products and Engineering. “The 2.0 releases represent more than a year of work not only from our engineers, but the open source communities that actively contribute to making our SDKs best in class. We think developers are going to be delighted by new capabilities like support for reactive programming in Java, the ability to quickly build high performing web scale applications, and native support for JSON objects.”

Making it Easier for Developers to Build High Performance NoSQL Applications

The 2.0 SDKs give developers building on Couchbase Server modern new tools that leverage the most innovative advances in application development. One of the most exciting integrations in the release is support for the developer preview of Couchbase’s next generation query language, N1QL. This language provides the ability to perform SQL like queries against Couchbase Server, the world’s fastest NoSQL database. All of the Couchbase 2.0 SDKs include support for the developer preview of N1QL, so developers can begin to build fluency with the N1QL language.

Additionally the 2.0 SDKs include:

Consistent developer experience: delivering a consistent developer experience across all platforms makes it easy for developers who work in multiple languages to build applications on Couchbase regardless of which language they are using. In the 2.0 SDKs the commands and methods are unified across all developer platforms.
Native support for JSON objects: when working in any SDK, native JSON object types are supported, eliminating the requirement for third party libraries while maintaining the flexibility Couchbase has always had to support other data types.
Improved Connection Management: the 2.0 SDKs use fewer resources to communicate with Couchbase. Connections are more intelligently administered and better-managed extending Couchbase’s significant performance lead in high performance operations.
Framework Integrations: Couchbase SDKs include support for Spring Framework and ASP.NET alongside Node.js frameworks under active development in the Couchbase Open Source community.
SDK Investment in Native Languages

In addition to the new capabilities cutting across all SDKs, each supported programming language’s developer API has advanced. Couchbase is the first NoSQL vendor to provide support for native reactive programming – a completely event driven programming model that eliminates futures and callbacks, and provides a more efficient model for development. Support for reactive programming gives Java developers the ability to quickly and easily code highly scalable applications and bring applications to market faster.

“We are living in an age where traditional IT disciplines are falling apart. Businesses need to be reactive because they can’t predict the future and they need new technical architectures to support unexpected change,” said James Governor, co-founder of RedMonk. “Agile, bursty, lean – that’s the future of business. Developers need to support this by building agile, high performance applications. Couchbase’s new SDKs, including their support for Reactive Java, are a great tool for forward thinking developers to build the applications of the future.”

The 2.0 Couchbase SDK for .NET implements a bulk API, which makes it much more efficient to read and update large amounts of data. The .NET version also includes a new bucket management ability that administers Couchbase buckets within .NET applications. The 2.0 SDKs also extend Couchbase’s lead in supporting developers building in Node.js and PHP with a document-oriented programming model, core IO enhancements through updated C libcouchbase, better connection management and error handling as well as the ability to query streaming views – delivering ultra high performance query-ability and throughput.