Codefresh is hoping to solve some of the limitations of GitOps with its new GitOps 2.0 initiative. As part of the initiative, Codefresh will be providing several tools intended to improve the experience and speed of CI/CD.

GitOps is a software deployment model for cloud-native applications that has issues currently needing to be addressed, such as dealing with multiple environments, secrets, and observability. The goal of GitOps 2.0 is to “provide patterns and standards that improve software delivery and reliability.”

Codefresh will work with the community to define those patterns and standardize approaches to delivering software.

The company will offer tooling that provides a detailed view of everything released to a release, control over rollback, and larger aggregate views that make it easy to tell what’s going on across all applications. According to Codefresh, that visibility and control gives teams more confidence in release processes, leading to faster, more reliable deployments.

“The adoption of GitOps 2.0 isn’t an all or nothing endeavor. With this release we’re providing onramps for teams to adopt these practices as quickly as their org allows, and ultimately to support the ideal workflows,” said Dan Garfield, chief technology evangelist at Codefresh.