Ci&T, a technology outsourcing and software product engineering company, today announced that it is offering a broad range of cloud computing services including deployment, data migration and change management in the initiatives it performs for clients around the world. By leveraging the top cloud platforms from leading providers, Ci&T helps both emerging companies and global organizations reduce infrastructure costs, increase scalability and receive greater value from every development project.
Since its introduction, the cloud has become a driving force on the IT landscape, and is emerging as the standard for application development. The increased diversity of cloud offerings from top providers has made hosted infrastructure both accessible and cost-efficient, an attractive combination for any organization seeking to build and scale applications without significant investment in new data centers, server clusters or vast architectures.
A few examples of how Ci&T is currently leveraging cloud technology from leading providers in its offerings include:
· Google App Engine: Using Google’s infrastructure to host web and mobile applications, Ci&T eliminates clients’ infrastructure concerns and enables them to instead focus on the business needs and features of their applications.

· Amazon Web Services: As an Amazon Web Services Solution Provider, Ci&T  leverages the company’s comprehensive cloud offerings in development projects, including those it performs for both large, global enterprises and small, emerging companies.

One recent example of Ci&T’s employment of these cloud technologies is in its work with the International Karate Organization (IKO) Kyokushinkaikan, for which it developed a cloud-based architecture to support a new social network and iPhone app. Using Amazon Web Services, Ci&T developed a scalable, flexible architecture that enabled IKO to support unpredictable production loads and high volumes of traffic and storage.
For companies considering migrating their infrastructures to the cloud, Ci&T also provides a full range of assessment and consulting services that identify exactly what benefits can be achieved by such a migration.  Ci&T can also offer insight into where potential pain points may arise and perform a detailed ROI analysis that helps clients plan and ensure a smooth migration.  
“The cloud is completely redefining how we develop applications,” said Daniel Viveiros, technology manager, Ci&T. “Whether you’re a startup worried about high infrastructure costs or a multinational organization seeking to develop a mission-critical system, the cloud has proven its worth as a real solution to significant IT and business challenges. At Ci&T we have been quick to realize its benefits in terms of scalability, versatility and cost savings for organizations like the IKO, and we will continue to look to the cloud to deliver greater value to our clients.”