Atlassian has announced a major update to its cloud platform designed to open up more opportunities for users in the cloud. 

According to the company, the updates are based on four pillars: editions, platform, administrators and cloud migration. 

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“The main theme here really is about the evolution of our cloud offerings. It is how we are really doubling down on investments across multiple pillars so that not only are we building for our customers today, but we are building ahead of their needs and helping them future proof,”  Harsh Jawharkar, head of GTM for cloud platform at Atlassian, told SD Times. 

For editions, the company is announcing four new cloud plans targeted at the different use cases, shapes, sizes and regulatory environments users have. Cloud Premium is available for Jira Software and Confluence, with availability for Jira Service Desk coming soon. It features the ability to scale, advanced features, and a 99.9 percent uptime SLA. The new free editions of Jira Software, Confluence, Jira Service Desk and Jira Core enable a set of capabilities for team collaboration. Additionally, the company is now offering academic and community offerings for eligible academic and non-profit organizations. 

“Editions are really about choice. Giving our customers the capabilities they need, broadening our portfolio so that if you are a smaller customer starting out, you always have the fundamentals of essentials of project management or collaboration through our free plan,” said Jawharkar. “And on the other hand with premium, we know that advanced teams who use Jira, Confluence, etc, when they start using it across multiple teams and departments, it becomes the heartbeat of their organization. Premium gives them the depth in terms of horsepower, scale, and visibility that they need.”

For the platform, the company is introducing new enterprise-grade cloud controls and more visibility. Updates here include: data residency, data encryption at rest and in transit, the ability to customize product access with custom domains, and the release of the Atlassian Trust Center. The trust center provides users with the latest security, reliability, privacy and compliance updates.

For administrators, Atlassian is building on its Atlassian Access command center it announced about a year ago. Access has been used to safeguard data, improve onboarding processes, and ensure end-users have access to necessary tools. New updates include the ability to connect with Google Cloud Identity and Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services, advanced cloud security, increased audit log transparency and insight into product adoption. 

“The third major pillar is about the admins. It is the people who keep Atlassian running and powered up so that all the other teams can do what they need to do in an effortless way,” said Jawharkar.

Lastly, the company is announcing new programs and offerings that help customers move to the cloud. The new Cloud Migration Assistant tool is now available for Confluence with support for Jira coming later this year. Other updates include extended cloud trial licenses to give users a chance to try out the cloud, increased transparency to the cloud platform roadmap, and new channel partner incentives. 

“It’s clear that our customers see their future in the cloud. And they continue to choose Atlassian as their trusted partner,” Scott Farquhar, co-founder and co-CEO of Atlassian, wrote in a blog post. “Today’s updates are designed to meet them where they are and give them the capabilities they need to get work done, no matter their size, industry, or location. The changes will also improve the transition to cloud, and provide better data control and security.”