In order to benefit from cloud computing while avoiding certain risks, many enterprises are turning to private clouds, which just include service layers contained within their firewalls. They feel and look like public clouds, but private clouds may actually be a lot less reliable and secure.

If you consider conventional wisdom, you will believe that public clouds are insecure. In fact, you may think that the only way to meet your business organization’s security requirements is to implement a private cloud.

According to industry experts, large hardware and software vendors have been solely responsible for making the public believe that public clouds are less secure. They have tried to introduce uncertainty, fear and doubt in the minds of users. Unfortunately, they can’t be blamed.

Private clouds mean a lot of new gear. Vendors will never want their customers to switch to public cloud security, unless a public cloud belongs to the vendor in question. You don’t need to be fooled by marketing and advertising. Public clouds are way more secure than private clouds. Here are some reasons why:

Continuous hacking attempts have strengthened security. Public cloud servers always seem to be a juicy target for hackers. When hackers feel there’s good stuff inside these servers, they make an attempt to hack them. This is an obvious fact.

Over the years, many hackers have tried to attack the defenses of Microsoft Windows Azure, Amazon Web Services and so on. Due to this, public cloud providers take constant measures to keep their servers secure. They come up with new measures and keep everything updated. This makes public clouds a very hard target.

Best security people. Public cloud security always attracts the best security people. Think about it: If you were a big-time cloud security expert, where would you like to work? Amazon, or just a big insurance company? The answer is quite clear.

Latest security gear. Public cloud providers keep building new data centers on a regular basis. As a result, they also keep buying new gear for them. Public cloud providers always have the latest security gear to keep your information secure and protected.