SP Marketplace provider of SharePoint business applications in the Cloud or On-premise for SMBs, announced SP Facilities Management for Office 365 and SharePoint 2013.   The new application is the first CMMS which runs on Microsoft’s cloud based Office 365, SharePoint Online.  Unlike traditional database applications, SP Facilities Management is 100% customizable by business users (without coding) to fit specific organization needs.

SP Facilities Management is a simple to use, yet powerful management program for the maintenance of equipment and facilities. SP Facilities Management lets business managers track regular maintenance and emergency work, send work orders to the maintenance staff on their mobile phones, and track the progress of all outstanding and completed jobs.  It also includes a service request portal for employees or customers to track the status of open requests, access a knowledgebase and relevant how-to documents.

The software allows each organization to define its own equipment, facilities, parts, work orders, vendors, and other items.   Leveraging Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365, SP Facilities Management integrates documents, email correspondence, calendars and task tracking with work orders, Facilities and equipment. This means maintenance personnel can access facilities plans, contracts and equipment manuals to support their work order activities.  A maintenance knowledgebase is also available which supports rich content such as pictures, videos and links to manufacturer sites.

The application includes email reminder notifications for new and overdue work orders, equipment maintenance and warranty expirations.   Management stays on top of activities with real-time dashboards, and statistical reports with charts generated in Microsoft Excel.

“SP Facilities Management leverages Microsoft Office 365 Cloud platform which is extremely popular with Facilities intensive organizations like educational institutions, local governments and non-profits.”  States Darrell Trimble CEO of SP Marketplace.  “This application will allow organizations to significantly reduce IT costs, improve service / productivity, while gaining access to new mobile technologies”

SP Facilities Management can be purchased individually or as part of the SP Business Suite for Office 365.  Pricing starts at $2495 for a single license for unlimited users.  Learn more at www.spmarketplace.com