CloudShare, the leading provider of virtual environments in the cloud, today announced CloudShare Labs, a new self-service solution for application development and testing that dramatically expands the CloudShare platform to meet the growing demand for customized IT environments. CloudShare Labs is the newest of CloudShare’s integrated suite of self-service solutions for creating, customizing and sharing virtual environments  for a range of business needs, including Development & Testing, Sales & Marketing, and Virtual Training.
Business groups across the enterprise are competing for, or lack access to, IT resources customized for their specific objectives. For application development and testing groups especially, access to IT resources and expertise is a major challenge. According to Gartner, “through 2015, only 10 percent of I&O organizations will be able to deliver the speed of change required by the business processes they enable.”
With CloudShare, users get immediate access to infrastructure resources that have been optimized for their specific line of business, enabling them to work with speed, scale and efficiency, and without the need for specific IT operations expertise.
CloudShare Labs enables development and testing groups working with complex, multi-tier enterprise applications to rapidly create and provision complex environments for build verification, test automation and manual testing without changing any of their in-house tools or processes, providing such key capabilities as:
· Simplified Bug Fixing: The solution enables the capture of a multi-VM disk and memory state, literally freezing a bug in its environment so it can instantly be shared with developers and corrected without having to reproduce the bug in a different environment.
· Environment Cloning and Template Libraries: The ability to clone a master environment eliminates mistakes caused by misconfiguration and enables collaboration among cross-functional and global teams through a web browser, console or SSH session. Groups can also create and store libraries of templates for later reuse.
· Integration: The new solution integrates with the leading application lifecycle management (ALM) and software development lifecycle (SDLC) processes and tools, such as Team Foundation Server and Jenkins.
· Remote Access: CloudShare Labs extends an organization’s existing on-premise development and testing environment to the cloud.  Using an organization’s virtual private network (VPN), teams can connect to CloudShare to burst for more resources or collaborate with anyone, anywhere in the world.
“Limited and slow access to infrastructure causes delays in release cycles and puts testing at risk of being incomplete, resulting in bugs in production. Lack of access to IT infrastructure and the limitation of existing solutions remain huge barriers to rapid innovation,“ said Zvi Guterman, CEO of CloudShare. “With CloudShare Labs, application development and testing organizations work faster and companies will find a competitive advantage by gaining access to IT resources at the speed of development.”