Today CloudVelocity released its One Hybrid Cloud software that enables enterprises to accelerate cloud adoption. The new release makes AWS a secure and seamless extension of enterprise data centers and gives enterprises the ability to run their existing and new Linux and Windows multi-tier and multi-system apps without modification in the AWS cloud. More than 100 enterprise trials have been conducted since the company emerged from stealth in December 2012, including Fortune 100 cloud initiatives. CloudVelocity plans to announce integration with other cloud providers in 2013.

Today CloudVelocity also announced $13 million in funding

One Hybrid Cloud software is the first to automate dozens of complex manual cloud migration processes that are a substantial barrier to cloud adoption for the vast majority of enterprise apps. This unprecedented breadth of automation reduces cloud migration risks and expenses by more than 90% for multi-tier apps; critical authentication and security-related services are also extended into the cloud from the data center. The cloud then becomes an ideal disaster recovery and DevTest option for enterprise apps.
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Unlike image or template-based tools, One Hybrid Cloud software automates the entire process from discovering the constituent hosts, blueprinting of system components and configuration, provisioning of cloud resources, continuous replication and synchronization of the entire app stack (including operating system, kernel, app software stack, and app data), service initiation in the cloud site to extending infrastructure services (like LDAP and Active Directory), all with a single click.

With One Hybrid Cloud software, the cloud pre-production and production environments are virtually identical, which minimizes errors and reduces development cycles as software is updated and easily pushed live. The cloud becomes an ideal operating model for disaster recovery. Customers can leverage the cloud as needed, instead of having to build and support duplicate apps and infrastructure for the possibility of occasional use.

“Until today, cloud migration and cloud-enabled disaster recovery have not been viable for the vast majority of enterprise data center apps,” said Rajeev Chawla, chief executive officer of CloudVelocity. “With today’s launch of One Hybrid Cloud, we are significantly reducing the amount of manual processes, risks and expenses otherwise required to deploy robust enterprise data center apps into the cloud.”

Customer wins ahead of general availability include a leading financial services company, who has deployed CloudVelocity for cloud-assisted “pay as you go” disaster recovery, and database infrastructure startup ScaleArc, who has deployed CloudVelocity for agile software development, support and training.

“CloudVelocity One Hybrid Cloud software enabled unprecedented agility for our DevTest, support and demo training environments,” said John Vastano, VP of Customer Support at ScaleArc. “We were able to run the entire app stack across multiple machines as is between our engineering and support labs and cloud seamlessly, as a single environment. We leveraged AWS as needed, when needed and without compromise. Without CloudVelocity One Hybrid Cloud, that level of agility would simply not have been possible.”