Codeship, a hosted continuous integration service for testing and deploying code, today announced integration with Amazon EC2 Container Registry (Amazon ECR), a fully-managed service for storing, managing, and deploying Docker container images. This latest integration extends Codeship’s ability to support AWS customers that use Docker.

“This integration with Amazon ECR is central to our continuous delivery capability with Docker,” said Moritz Plassnig, CEO of Codeship. “Our continuous integration platform can scale with the AWS infrastructure and is a great fit for large companies that are looking for higher quality and more secure tools. It helps us make life easier for users who are part of the AWS ecosystem.”

“As a small development team we want to focus on our applications, not maintaining extra services. That is why we love using Codeship to build and deploy our Docker based applications to Amazon EC2 Container Service (Amazon ECS),” said Philipp Shipley, Software Engineer at Sil International. “However, we have to run our own Docker registry to host our private images which requires monitoring and maintenance that we’d rather not deal with. We were excited to hear about Amazon’s new container registry service and can’t wait to drop our own in favor of theirs.”

The integration with Amazon ECR adds to Codeship’s previous integrations with other registry services like Quay and DockerHub. It helps the company build on its capabilities, and provides added support to companies that use Docker. AWS customers looking for a continuous integration tool have access to a sound, stable and scalable solution with Codeship. Earlier this year at the re:Invent 2015 conference, AWS announced that Codeship was one of the first members of the AWS Partner Network (APN) to achieve the AWS DevOps Competency.

“Amazon EC2R is designed to provide the high level of security and reliability that developers require when storing and deploying containers,” said Deepak Singh, General Manager of Amazon ECS, Amazon Web Services, Inc. “Through the integration of Codeship with Amazon ECR, developers have access to a first-class solution for container image management. Building and shipping container images now work seamlessly within a repeatable and automated workflow.”

Codeship is a cloud-based service for testing and deploying software. The company’s ParallelCI feature helps developers to test multiple batches of code simultaneously. The company is based in Boston, Massachusetts, and has raised $4.4 million in funding till date, which includes the $1.5 million round that was recently announced.

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