Instead of offering a myriad of digital solutions, Coin Development is now restricting their services to only be an app development company. “Coin Development’s strategy is clear: We are exclusively working with businesses to help them grow with mobile app development,” said company owner and manager, Jay West. “This is a story about more focus and better execution. We are going to be tightening down our offerings to have a streamlined process that makes things better for our customers and partners. Our path is straightforward: Offer better services made to our customers specific needs so that they can grow their business through mobile applications.”

Coin Development’s goals are surrounding the ideas of continuous improvement to existing services, and to develop new products that support the customers app related needs. As they progress, clients will have a robust tool set to keep their finger on the pulse of how their applications are doing on the various platforms and to be able to continue to have their needs met within the evolving landscape. There will be new products and services rolled out on an ongoing basis, developed with the help of the clients reporting their wants and needs.

These future offerings will align with the key needs of the clients: Helping their business grow quickly, making it simple to see what is actionable with their app metrics, and keeping their customers happy with an app that serves their needs. Coin is focused on using the SCRUM development methodology which allows for constant iterations, starting from minimal viable products. This means that the entry cost point will be low for new clients, and the amount of waste will be drastically reduced. Everything internal and external will use this methodology and the customers will benefit greatly from it.

The core offering Coin Development offers now is mobile app development for Android, iOS and Windows. Coin Development also offers app relative services such as:

  •     Research
  •     Wireframing and Design
  •     App store optimization
  •     Marketing
  •     Websites (for apps exclusively)
  •     Consultation