CollabNet, the global leader in enterprise cloud development and Agile ALM, today announced the availability of its ScrumWorks Pro Agile project management tool hosted on the Codesion cloud development platform. The new ScrumWorks Pro service can be provisioned instantly on the Codesion platform, enabling Agile developers to code, connect and deploy software on an enterprise-grade platform backed by 24/7 support, uptime SLAs and integrations with leading development solutions and production environments (public/private clouds). Now, for the first time, development teams have access to a fully integrated, cloud-based Agile development platform that spans Agile project management, source code management and deployment.

General availability starts today and a free 30-day trial is available at: (

“A growing number of development organizations are moving beyond traditional Agile project management SaaS offerings and looking to gain the speed, cost and productivity gains that cloud computing offers,” said Guy Marion, vice president, CollabNet cloud services. “Having ScrumWorks Pro offered within a flexible, hosted cloud environment, tightly coupled with leading source code and deployment ALM tools, further extends the benefits of Agile methods for rapid development and delivery of software.”

CollabNet continues to lead the industry adoption of enterprise cloud development with a portfolio of products and services that provide the performance, security and traceability today’s maturing Agile-based environments require. The Codesion cloud platform, designed to meet these enterprise needs, has been adopted by more than 1,500 customers in the past 12 months, reflecting the increasing number of companies shifting development and IT operations to the cloud. The Codesion platform empowers thousands of developers to streamline the development and deployment process using a growing ecosystem of hosted open source and commercial tools, including Apache Subversion, Git, Trac, Bugzilla, CollabNet’s Agile ALM platform TeamForge, and other leading Agile project management tools.

The hosted version of ScrumWorks Pro, used by more than 100,000 developers globally through on-premise installations, now is available on-demand directly from the Codesion cloud platform. It enables Agile organizations to quickly provision source code management, tracking, project management and delivery tools to manage a variety of development processes and needs. Development managers now have a breadth of choice and flexibility from a tooling perspective, while maintaining visibility and ensuring process uniformity across teams.

The benefits of the new ScrumWorks Pro cloud development offering include:
Agile in the Cloud: best of breed Agile project management offered through a hosted cloud, and coupled with leading source code management and deployment solutions.
Speed: teams can provision and be up and running with ScrumWorks Pro in minutes, with no software installation or hardware upgrades.
Flexibility: Codesion’s open and extensible platform allows users to provision ScrumWorks Pro alongside a growing list of other common development tools.
Ease of Use: ScrumWorks Pro is very intuitive to use and requires no custom configurations or lengthy set up. It also is supported by an extensive library of training videos to help development teams succeed with Agile-based methods.
Enterprise-grade Security and Reliability: the Codesion-enabled ScrumWorks Pro, hosted in world-class SAS-70 data centers, is “Security Standards Compliant” and protected with secure backup and disaster recovery systems.

“CollabNet is helping our organization embrace cloud development as a means of improving productivity and reducing costs while, at the same time, providing structure and visibility we need from a business standpoint,” said Vinay Asthana, Team Lead, Veterans Enterprise Technology Solutions, Inc. “Having Agile project management available through ScrumWorks Pro on Codesion is a major step in moving more of our development projects to the cloud where we can code, collaborate and deploy software more efficiently.”